Grandpa Potter

Alison Morris - December 17, 2008

My favorite holiday tradition in the Boston area is the annual screening of Frank Capra’s brilliant It’s a Wonderful Life at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge. I go every year that I can, usually accompanied by friends Lisa DiSarro (associate marketing director at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) and Leo Landry (author/illustrator/bookseller/all-around-nice-guy), and IDEALLY by someone who’s never seen the film before, so that the three of us can then have the joy of being the ones to introduce them to it.

In recent years, though, the name "Potter" which I once associated first and foremost with the evil miser of Capra’s creation, is now best-known as the surname of one world-famous boy wizard, prompting me to wonder…

What DO we know about Harry’s grandfather anyway? Tell me THIS wouldn’t make for one VERY interesting family tree:

Harry Potter (son)

James Potter (father)

Henry F. Potter (grandfather)

In this photo Old Man Potter is saying "Happy New Year to you — in Azkaban!"

Quick, fan fiction writers, get to work!

(Note: If you live in the Boston area and the parodied quote by Old Man Potter above makes no sense to you, then you should be at the Brattle on Saturday, December 20th at 11 AM!)

3 thoughts on “Grandpa Potter

  1. Mary Louise Ruehr

    That is so cool. And they all even have almost the same glasses. So, then, how did James, being good, fall so far from the evil-Potter tree? And is that what caused his downfall? Could evil-Potter have been an archrival of Voldemort, causing him to murder his son? And every time a bell rings, does someone win a Quidditch match?


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