Fellow Blogging Booksellers

Alison Morris - August 27, 2007

Booksellers with blogs are prominently featured in the current Bookselling This Week newsletter from the American Booksellers Assocation. Hooray! BTW‘s write-up takes an interesting look at some of the booksellers writing blogs in their so-called "spare time" and the reasons that many bookstores are deciding to create their own store blogs. Brookline Booksmith, the sister store to my home base, was one of the many to enter the fray this year with its own blog, Brookline Blogsmith.

I’ve reproduced the list of blogs mentioned in the BTW article below so that you can visit the sites of other booksellers who are busy blogging (when we’re not busy buying books, receiving books, shelving books, selling books, displaying books, reading books, reviewing books, promoting books, returning books, scheduling events, running in-store events, running off-site events, running school events, writing reviews, writing shelf talkers, writing newsletters, writing lists of holiday recommendations, writing lists of summer reading recommendations, hiring booksellers, training booksellers, crunching numbers, creating reports, vacuuming the floor, taking out the trash, etc., etc., etc.). Note, though, that the list only includes a handful of the many, many bookseller and bookstore blogs in the blogosphere nowadays, and an increasing number of them have to do with children’s books. You’ll find at least 30 bookseller blogs relevant to children’s books included on Jacket Flap.

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  1. The Inkwell Blog

    You know that old Groucho Marx saying, the one Woody Allen made famous in Annie Hall, the one that says, ‘I wouldn’t want to be a part of any group that would have me for a member’? Yeah? Well, I don’t have any such standards. Add The Inkwell Bookstore Blog, yo!


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