A ‘Valentine for Blobfish’ Contest

Kenny Brechner - February 4, 2016

Gene Luen Yang may be the new National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature but the 2016 Ambassador to Young People’s Science and Nature books is unquestionably the blobfish. No child looking at a blobfish can fail to assume that he has feelings, and that those feelings have been hurt. Whether headlining Jess Keating’s excellent new “pink is for everyone” themed Pink Is for Blobfish (Knopf, Feb.), or helping narrate Jessica Olien’s delightful The Blobfish Book (Harper, May), the blobfish clearly is the perfect ambassador to engage both children’s empathy and their interest in science.

When we got ready to shelve Pink Is for Blobfish on Tuesday, an idea for a contest combining a great nonfiction story hour with a fun Valentine’s Day themed writing project occurred to me. Here it is.
Our elementary school library partners loved the idea and the contest is underway. Personally I can’t wait to see the delighted look on blobfish’s face as he reads his Valentines.¹ I’m sure he’ll want to share them after the holiday.
¹He does read Shelftalker comments if you want to leave him a Valentine!

28 thoughts on “A ‘Valentine for Blobfish’ Contest

    1. Kenny Brechner Post author

      Hilarious! I am minded of this exchange from The Scarlet Pimpernel
      Prince of Wales: Why, damn me, Percy, you’re brainless, spineless, useless: But you do know clothes!
      Percy: Well your highness, that is something!

  1. Karin

    Blobfish, you have an unfortunate name
    But I love you with all of my heart just the same
    Blobfish, you have an unfortunate face
    Still, raise up your fins and receive my embrace
    Blobfish, you have an adorable pout
    I place tiny kisses on your blobby snout
    Blobfish, I love you, please say you’ll be mine
    Blobfish, won’t you be my Valentine?

    1. Blobfish

      Your affection my looks do not retard
      Oh Karin how I love your Valentine card
      the ardor of our hearts entwine
      I will be your blobby Valentine

  2. Pam Hudson

    How can I check to see if this contest is happening in the Upper Canada District Schoolboard? I’d love to help promote Jess’s new book in our area. Her other books have been a hit here and we’ve been patiently waiting for this latest one.

    1. Kenny Brechner Post author

      Hi Pam,
      I made up the contest this Tuesday, and as far as I know it is only running here in central Maine. I would suggest networking with your local folks to bring the blobfish love to your local schools.

        1. Kenny Brechner Post author

          The contest has developed into two categories Christine, School and Shelftalker. There will be prizes for both categories. Blobfish insisted on this point.

  3. Sarah Rockel

    My dearest Blobby,
    Floating along by the deep sea floor
    With no care to spare for those up on shore
    You’re pink and gelatinous, on crustaceans you dine
    Wish you lived on the land so that you could be mine!
    Love, Sarah.

  4. Christine Henderson

    With your eyes of inky-ink
    And your skin of pinky-pink
    Blobfish you know it’s true
    Yes, indeed I love you!
    As a blob, you huggable
    Making you so loveable
    Say you’ll by mine
    My sweet valentine!

    1. Christine Henderson

      Correcting my typos from the previous submission!
      With your eyes of inky-ink
      And your skin of pinky-pink
      Blobfish you know it’s true
      Yes, indeed I love you!
      As a blob, you’re huggable
      Making you so lovable
      Say you’ll by mine
      My sweet valentine!

      1. Blobfish

        With your grammar now corrected
        My attention is directed
        To your sentiments so divine
        I will be your Valentine!

  5. JD Free

    Congratulations on your victory!
    It’s okay, you don’t have to make a speech.
    I would still love you even if you hadn’t won.

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  7. patricia.collins@timberlane.net

    I have a group of 5th graders working on Genius Hour projects and one of them is studying the blobfish. He has used Jess Keating’s book. He and his group each wrote valentines for the blobfish so there will be several “comments” from Pollard School. I will use my email account.
    Thanks — this is an awesome idea!
    Pat Collins, LMS
    Pollard School
    Plaistow, NH

  8. Hannah Grade 5 Pollard School

    Blobfish, Blobfish You’re the jello of the sea,
    I love the way you float so gracefully at the bottom of the sea.
    You are the pinkest thing I have ever seen ,
    so be my valentine . I love you and you can love me!
    Hannah – Grade 5 Pollard School

  9. Sarah - Pollard School

    To the blobfish:
    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    You’re a pink animal like other animals, too!
    Even though you may look different,
    your beautiful inside.
    So on this very day, say you’ll be my valentine!

  10. Kagen - Grade 5 Pollard School

    Pinky, Pinky I Love You,
    Pinky, Pinky You are cute!
    Pinky, Pinky I’ll kiss you!
    The water is blue,
    but you stick out
    because your pinky ‘Cordon Bleu’!

  11. Dylan - Grade 5 Pollard School

    Blobfish Valentine
    1 2 3 4 5
    Once I caught a fish alive
    6 7 8 9 10
    Then I let it go again.
    Why did I let it go again?
    Because it bit my finger.
    What finger did it bite?
    This little one on the right!
    I wish I never let you go.
    Be my Valentine…
    And I will kiss you so.

  12. Blobfish

    Dear Ms. Collins’ class now let me relate
    How happy your cards made me, I feel like a gate
    Thrown open by your kind thoughts and warm wishes
    Oh truly I am the blobbiest and luckiest of fishes


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