Booksellers, Librarians, Teachers: Tell Us What You’re Reading!

Alison Morris -- August 18th, 2008

Just as I assume that most, if not all, of you reading this blog already subscribe to PW’s "Children’s Bookshelf," I assume that most of you reading this blog already subscribe to "Notes from the Horn Book," the Horn Book‘s monthly electronic newsletter. If not, I recommend subscribing (for free!) right now. I’m a big fan of material presented in a clean, well-organized, easy-to-parse way, and like the oatmeal in Baby Bear’s bowl, this one’s "just right."

For the August issue, Roger Sutton asked several writer friends (and one editor — the amazing Virginia Duncan) what they’re currently reading "for their off-the-clock summer reading." I really enjoyed their responses, and that got me wondering what books OTHER folks currently have on their bedside tables (or in their totebags, on their beach chairs, etc.), now that it’s summer when (theoretically) people are finding more time to read. (Would that that were so for me!)

Today I’m inviting booksellers, librarians, and teachers  to chime in with their answers to this question. Tomorrow, it’ll be the authors’ and illustrators’ turn. Wednesday, all you folks in the publishing world get to give your answers.

I’ll go first, to get the ball rolling: As I’ve already confessed to being a serial monogamist when it comes to reading, I’ve got just one book to share. I’m about halfway through A Thousand Never Evers by Shana Burg (Random House, June 2008), which I am very much enjoying! I had the great pleasure of meeting Shana at a Random House dinner in Boston last week, and she’s just as personable (and likeable) as the characters in this, her first novel. I’ll say more about the book once I’ve finished it. (Perhaps when I finally write reviews on ALL the books I’ve been reading lately and failing to write about here! Oy!)

Now, fellow booksellers, librarians, and teachers? It’s your turn.

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