Bookstore Bingo

Elizabeth Bluemle -- January 6th, 2016

Recently, when we were all a little punchy from the pace of holiday sales, Josie’s friend Patty created a hilarious Bingo game for us to play as a way to let off a little steam. It was such a great idea that I couldn’t resist taking it and adding some things here and there. For anyone who works retail or has a job involving customer service, some of these squares will be very familiar. Ditto for anyone with co-workers. I encourage all librarian and bookseller friends to make your own Bingo boards.

P.S. The key is to be tongue-in-cheek and true to the reality without being mean-spirited.
P.P.S. Any pet peeve co-worker squares are really about Josie and me. Our staff have no annoying qualities, and if they did, we certainly wouldn’t list them here.
P.P.P.S. No customers or toddlers were harmed in the making of this Bingo game.

Bookstore Bingo

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