Elision Master vs. Word Runner

Kenny Brechner - September 24, 2015

The release of Amazon’s new speed reading feature “Word Runner” came just as DDG’s own algorithmically controlled electronic speed reading program “Elision Master” is being released. To help give consumers a sense of what their market choices are, here is a feature breakdown.
Visual example taken from page 421 of Tolstoy’s War and Peace

When making a purchase, one wants a product that excels at its specific function.  For toasting bread, you will do better with a very good toaster, as opposed to a mediocre toaster which also is an alarm clock. The purpose of an algorithmically controlled speed reading program is to reduce reading to a cognitive aerobic activity by replacing personal control with a more advanced system of experiential delivery.  And if you are going to relinquish control over your reading experience to an algorithm, just let go and hang on for the ride. By attempting to partially incorporate actual normative reading functions, Word Runner dilutes its effectiveness and its actual purpose. The Elision Master is a superior choice in that it makes no pretense at actually having anything to do with reading a book for comprehension or pleasure. It recognizes that the text of a book is simply a platform on which to level up.  For example, Elision Master automatically selects your next book based on your most recent performance, ensuring a steady progression.  If you want to read a book, then go read a real book. Fine.  But if you want to become a “Lexile Galloper” or even a “Text Tornado,” the Elision Master is your best choice.

1 thought on “Elision Master vs. Word Runner

  1. Kenny Brechner Post author

    I wanted to share some feedback we’ve gotten concerning the Aerobo-Sync feature of Elision Master.
    I’m really enjoying Elision Master. It’s a great product. I do notice that the ‘Aerobo-Sync ‘ tab doesn’t seem to be working. What’s up with that?
    Cecil Bowlerton
    I’m glad that you are enjoying Elision Master Cecil. The Aerobo-Sync feature, which allows Elision Master users to sync their speed reading experience with exercise equipment they are using, such as treadmills, has been put back into beta at this time. We are still working out the kinks. It will be re-activated shortly.
    Cecil, I am an Elision Master beta tester, and I will say that even though, when I suddenly leveled up to being a Glossary Gazelle, I was thrown from the treadmill I was using and broke my hip, using the Elision Master has kept me entertained while I recuperate. It’s awesome.


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