Starting Over from Scratch (A Correction)

Alison Morris - October 30, 2007

So, I goofed. Remember how I expressed my extreme displeasure with an unnamed publisher’s plans to put a coffee-scented dust jacket on the cover of one of their forthcoming young adult novels in my "Smells Like Caffeine" post of 10/21? Scratch that. As it turns out, I misunderstood their intentions. The dust jacket on the novel in question will NOT, in fact, smell like coffee—the small scratch-and-sniff sticker affixed to said dust jacket will, but hopefully only when scratched.

Feeling both relieved and humbled by this revelation, I’m asking you to overlook my misstatements about this one publisher’s plans. Please don’t, though, overlook my feelings about the very idea of a scented dust jacket, as those certainly haven’t changed. (Ick!)

2 thoughts on “Starting Over from Scratch (A Correction)

  1. Candy

    I get a severe allergic reaction to those scratch and smell adverts. Still, it’s only a dust jacket … and most dust jackets end up in the bottom of a drawer.


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