Harry Potter Translations Go-Go-Go

Alison Morris - August 10, 2007

For the past few years Chinese counterfeiters have attempted to fleece the Chinese public with their own Harry Potter creations.  An article in today’s New York Times reveals the very entertaining plots of eight of these fake volumes. Perhaps those readers who were disappointed by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will find what they’d hoped for in one of these entertaining alternatives.

My personal favorite? Harry Potter and the Chinese Porcelain Doll, in which Voldemort has a rival named Yandomort, Harry travels by steamer, and his new friends belong to a Chinese circus; though I love that Gandalf lends Harry a hand in Harry Potter and the Waterproof Pearl. The award for "Most Poetic Sentence," however, goes to the person who penned Harry Potter and Platform Nine and Three-Quarters for this gem:

I could not tell anyone of this, I would ride on my favorite flying broom, together with Hedwig and my magic wand, go-go-go, night clouds in the urban sky would cover my trails, and the meteor you saw in the sky was my traipsing manteau.

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