Kids Say the Darndest Things

Josie Leavitt - October 22, 2014

Yesterday, three groups of kindergarten kids came to the bookstore to learn about community. They were visiting several stores, and even the bank, as they ventured forth from school to see what’s in the village. I looked out the front door of the store and saw the kids crossing the street like ducklings, all holding hands and walking in pairs. They entered the store, 15 or 20 at a time, in three shifts, and each class brought a new level of unintended hilarity.
The first group came in and I was ready to read some stories about communities. One great thing about owning a bookstore with an author was being able to read her book Tap Tap Boom Boom to them. Then they got to meet Elizabeth and that was pure delight. Here’s what I learned with kindergartners: they are gloriously random. When asked if anyone had been to the Flying Pig before many hands went up and the following things were said:
– I have a pig at my farm. And a baby dog.
– I like bacon.
– One time, when I was three, we had a dog.
I realized I had to get them back on track, but another little hand went up.
– I’m allergic to dogs.
Okay then. I’m not sure how teachers handle this stream of consciousness every day. The next class was really good about staying on topic, but the last class started with one shy boy raising his hand almost right away. He was nervous, but clearly needed to share.
– If you use scissors, you have to put them the right way when you’re done. Because (he was miming cutting with his hands) if you don’t, it could cut up all your paper.
And lastly, my favorite part of having kids come to the store is asking them to guess how many books we have. The answers started small, with 25 being the most guessed. Elizabeth explained that one shelf in the picture book section had at least 100 books, so they shifted their numbers up, to 101. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any cuter, one boy shouted, “Infinity!” and I was completely done in.
These classes come twice a year to us and every time I marvel at seeing so many little ones in the picture book section. I’m so used to seeing kids with their parents, that seeing them all together, 15 of them filling the picture book section with room to spare, touches me and reminds me that these are the next generation of readers. As they were leaving, one little girl said, “I love books!” I felt proud to be part of their world.

3 thoughts on “Kids Say the Darndest Things

  1. Susan Lutman

    I’m a school librarian and see the randomness of comments all the time. Although it can be difficult getting the children back on task, it’s one of my favorite parts of my job. Kids that age are so honest and true to themselves.

  2. laura purdie salas

    Kindergarteners are so much fun. “Gloriously random” – that pretty much sums it up. When I do school visits with kindergarteners, I always have absolutely NO idea what to expect. Things can go from sublime to tragic and back again in about 48 seconds.


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