The Infallible Nature of Your Staff

Kenny Brechner - August 28, 2014

There are different methods of gauging the success of frontlist picture book titles based on in store resources. These ordering criteria methods vary in their probability of success. Here is a chart.

Ordering Criteria

 Objective Evaluation of Success

Actual Percentage of Success

I love the book Infallible in theory but fallible in practice 82.73%
Bloggers heart the book on Edelweiss Fallible in theory and practice 27.99%
A potpourri of industry types heart the book on Edelweiss Fallible in theory and practice 50%
43 booksellers heart the book on Edelweiss Okay, okay I’ll bring it in 82.73%
My rep really did love this one Okay, okay I’ll bring it in 82.73%
The blad was shared around the store after someone fell in love with it and everyone loves it infallible in theory and infallible in practice 100%

A quick glance reveals that the final method of uncovering high probability handselling success stories is i-dont-like-koala-9781481400695_lgby far the best. It doesn’t happen often but when it does it is hard to argue with the certainty of success. For example when I came into the store last week I found an f&g of a book coming out in April 2015, I Don’t Like Koala, sitting on my chair. “Read this one,” I was told, “it’s awesome.” Over the next few days every staffer made certain that I had read it because it was either “awesome,” “great,” or totally wonderful and hilarious.”
Is it all those things? Of course it is. Look at the chart. Everyone will like I Don’t Like Koala eventually. You see even if they are so misguided as to not like it immediately Koala will handle it himself. That’s what he does with his terrible eyes and his warm, mysterious, determined heart.¬† Terrific illustrations and a great story, what’s not to like?

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