Outfitted in Olivia

Alison Morris - February 22, 2008

She’s been the star of merchandise galore and featured on a U.S. postage stamp, but did you know Olivia, porcine wonder, also stars on a line of FABRIC? It’s true! I was recently very entertained to stumble upon four different Olivia fabric collections that are available at Repro Depot.

I believe my favorite might be this one, on which the text reads "Exercising is good. Accessorizing is better." (I’m sure Fancy Nancy would agree.)

Although, this print with the repeated phrase "worn out" would make very appropriate pillow cases:

And surely anyone with the name Olivia should have a garment made out of this:

3 thoughts on “Outfitted in Olivia

  1. sarah

    Alison – lots of references to exercise and gym workouts in your last two posts. I might have to drag you out on to the marathon course for a few miles this spring! Love the Kid Lit water bottle!

  2. anna m lewis

    That has to be the coolest website! I emailed the site to a friend and she asked why I was looking up fabric sites… you know, book blogs… great source for information!!!!


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