Bookish Holiday Gifts – A Selection of Finds from Etsy

Alison Morris - November 13, 2009

What on earth are you going can you give your reader friends who need something OTHER than books? Etsy to the rescue! Once again I’ve pulled together an assortment of book-related suggestions for you.

A short Etsy tutorial for those of you not yet familiar with the website: If the item you’ve clicked on is "SOLD OUT" by the time you get to it, fear not! Click on the "store" link beneath the seller’s profile (on the right-hand side of the screen) to get to their main store page. You may find another (newer) listing for that same item elsewhere in their shop, and/or info. on how you can contact the seller to ask about an item’s availability.

Don’t see anything below that would strike your gift recipient’s fancy? Search Etsy for items with the keyword "reading" or "book" to see hundreds of items you’re missing.

The first clever list in this line-up is a set of "Library Decor" coasters from Ephemeralogie, whose store features LOTS of very clever book-themed coasters. 

AND great book-themed paperweights like this one, featuring a library circulation desk.

I love the clothing and accessories (including owl and cat!) that come with the Miss Librarian paper dolls from Miss Brigette a.k.a. Brigette Barrager, made famous in a recent ShelfTalker post

Also look at Brigette’s fabulous "Librarian Bookended" print. 

I like to think about the sentiments that would best accompany these photograph notecards from Crescent Creations. Keep them in mind for Valentine’s Day too!

What could be cuter than a book-loving narwhal? This rubber stamp from Vozamer will allow you to put his smiling face everywhere.

Sweet Water Crafts’ store features several great book-themed totebags. My favorite is this one:

I love this amazing book sculpture from Elven Crown Book Art.

Here’s another lovely book sculpture — this one from Rhymes with Magic.

The funny (and slightly sexy) tone of this tshirt from Production Apparel makes it a winner in my book.

Someone you know would go Wilde for this t-shirt from PunControllable.

I almost wish I needed a set of coasters, because if I did, I’d be ALL OVER the ChicalooKate Literary Classics Ceramic Coaster Set from House of Six Cats:

I’ve seen a lot of recycled book projects, but this is one of the most unique and lovely I’ve seen. A paper boat with a hull made from a book’s cover and sails made from its pages. At $140 I’m not sure it’s exactly a "frugal frigate" (thank you, Emily Dickinson), but it is at least a LOVELY one (thank you, Cotton Bird Designs).

I love the book clocks Karen Miller makes, like this one, from a copy of Me.

My little crafter’s heart beats faster at the sight of this beautiful paper wreath from Simple Joys Paperie:

SpoonerZ is selling these GREAT bookmarks made from (what else?) SPOONS!! Especially perfect for the cook in your life, these are created custom — stamped with whatever message you’d like! 

I love the message spouted proudly by this monster on a magnet made by Vozamer: 

I’m guessing a number of ShelfTalker readers could do with one of these wall decals from Single Stone Studios:

Butterflies were part of the crafts I created for our wedding (as you’ll see in a future post!), so perhaps that’s why I’m in love with the framed paper butterflies from Terror Dome. (Does this shop’s name not remind you of The Hunger Games??) This particular bunch is cut from the pages of Wuthering Heights.

Finally, for all of the people who give YOU great holiday gifts, you can puch
e these lovely letterpress cards from Simple Song Designs, to say (what else?) thank you!

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