Hey, What Are You Reading This Weekend?

Josie Leavitt - August 30, 2013

This is the last real weekend of summer. Many are off to the beach or the lake for one last weekend of relaxation before the rhythms of school and autumn take hold. My weekend will be spent on the shores of Lake Champlain. I’m bringing a few books.
It’s not often that I go away, so to have a weekend on the lake is really special. My friend’s house has a wide porch and a hammock. I plan on swinging gently in said hammock trying to choose from the following books.
The Bat  by Jo Nesbo looks so very good. I love a good mystery. Nesbo is one of the writers I keep hearing about, and selling, but have yet to read. So, I will bring the first of the series of Harry Hole novels with me. I’ve actually already started this one and 20 pages in, I’m enjoying it immensely.
drop Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis is a galley that I’m tucking in my duffle. I’m a sucker for any dystopian book with a “resources are lacking” theme. The book looks very promising and I hope the environmental message is well done.
Katherine Jinks’ new book, How to Catch a Bogle, will also be in my boglebag. I have enjoyed everything Jinks has written. The prospect of a new series by her is very exciting. And a monster rumored to be eating children in Old London is a wonderful premise for a novel. 

Lastly, as if I’ll have time to read all these books, I have one more to add, Holly Goldberg Sloan’s Counting by 7s came in today and looks fabulous. There is something about this book that looks like spending the day with someone you’ve just met, but know instantly will be your friend. 

So, what are you planning on reading this weekend?

12 thoughts on “Hey, What Are You Reading This Weekend?

  1. Maya

    Finally cracking open (or I should say “swiping open”) Joe Hill’s NOS4A2 and I can tell it will be perfect for the long weekend, before the back-to-school excitement ensues! Also started Two Boys Kissing and have to periodically look up tearily: this is a book for anyone who has ever been in love or hopes to be in love again.

  2. Bonny Becker

    I’ve got “11 Birthdays” by Wendy Mass and Linda Urban’s “The Center of Everything” coming up. Late to the party, but just finished “Ship Breaker” by Paola Bacigalupi–gripping!

  3. Ellie Miller

    I’m a sucker for series (especially ones with several volumes already in print) because they allow me to get really involved with a protagonist whom I find appealing in the comfortable assurance that I won’t have to end our ‘friendship’ once the first book ends. Ergo…discovering a new series which fits my criteria is cause for celebration and I just did. So I plan to spend my weekend wallowing in Ellen Crosby’s beautifully written Virginia ‘Wine Country’ mysteries which center around gutsy Lucie Montgomery’s adventures in sleuthing while trying to rebuild her family’s vinyards. “The Merlot Murders” is first in series. Two down…four to go! WHEE!!!!!!

  4. Vickey B

    I just finished the latest (and hopefully not last!) in the Chief Inspector Armand Gamache mystery series, “How the Light Gets In,” by Louise Penny. The book is absolutely perfect, and has inspired me to go back and re-read the series from the first book on.
    If you have not read the “Gamache” books, you are missing a wonderful writer/series/character(s). The books are set mainly in a tiny Canadian town just across the border from Vermont, so the area will be very familiar to you and your customers. The mysteries are complex and well-written; but it is the characters themselves you will come to care for. (This IS an adult series, and not what The Flying Pig specializes in.)
    So, I will be “in” Three Pines, Quebec this weekend–at least in spirit!

    1. Josie Leavitt

      We actually are more than half adult books these days and Louise Penny is a popular favorite with our customers. I love that her books are set so close to Vermont. So glad you enjoyed the book.

    2. Stacy N.

      I LOVE the Inspector Gamache books! I just bought the new one over the long weekend, and as soon as I finish Night Film I’ll pick it up!

  5. Leslie Reiner

    Please keep reading Harry/Nesbo even if you aren’t wild about this one. They get much much better. Enjoy your hammock. I will be reading The Gamal and Nine Days…

  6. Christie

    I can never manage a hammock but that wide porch and a lake sounded great. I should have had a lot of time to read being without phone and internet service for five days thanks to ‘technical’ issues but all I managed was to clear out my magazine pile, a Josh Lanyon ebook, and re-read Winnie the Pooh (just because).

  7. Lydia Meiner

    Josie, “Counting by 7s” is FANTASTIC!! I read the galley and was very impressed. Over the long weekend I got a lot of reading done. I recently talked the library director into purchasing 6 new young adult books I had been itching to get my hands on, one of which was Meg McKinlay’s “Below”. I think you, and anyone reading this, would enjoy “Below” even though it is a young people’s book (sometimes those are the best, are they not?!).
    I enjoy your blog immensly and my dream is to work in an indie bookstore. Keep up the good work! (:


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