Neighbors with Food

Josie Leavitt -- August 26th, 2013

I am very fortunate that my bookstore shares a building with an excellent restaurant. The Next Door Bakery and Cafe, is only open for breakfast and lunch; Next Door is where I often get my breakfast. Okay, often really means three to five times a week. I walk in and peruse the menu board, as if I’m going to get something other than what I’ve gotten for the past five months. They let me order off the kids’ menu because I don’t eat wheat and all the adult selections are full of gluten. I usually order the scrambled egg with bacon and fruit. I asked if they would carry gluten-free bread and they did. So now, I add a piece of toast with that. Before readers start worrying about my eating bacon this often, I give it to my dog. I have even been known to share the bacon with any customer who asks, “What smells so good?”

Next Door has been open a year and they are wonderful neighbors. Our very popular coupons with each other are going strong. Each of our receipts offers 10% off on one item at the place. I’ve seen folks go back and forth four times in one day. We take care of each other and I love that.

The cook knows me well enough now that she’ll usually make me two eggs (really, one egg is hardly a meal) with extra crispy bacon. Not only do they cater to all my food needs, they deliver the food to the bookstore on china plates with real silverware.

Saturday, they went above and beyond. Jesse, the manager (and an amazing pastry chef), saw my food being prepared and he decided to be playful with my food. eggsI was charmed all day by this plate of happy food.

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