Great Blog Discovery of the Week: Vintage Kids’ Books My Kid Loves

Alison Morris - October 30, 2009

What a great (and ambitious) idea! The blogger who writes Vintage Kids’ Books My Kid Loves reads vintage children’s books to her son and then reviews them at a rate of one per DAY, and sells some of the featured titles (most of which are currently out of print) in her Etsy store. So, for your daily fix of classic tales and illustration kitsch, check it out.  (Note that all you publishers wondering what backlist books might be worth reissuing might get some VERY good ideas here…)

This blog is a great resource both for making new discoveries and conjuring old memories. (I think I had the same pants the kids on the left is wearing on the cover below…)

3 thoughts on “Great Blog Discovery of the Week: Vintage Kids’ Books My Kid Loves

  1. Liz Szabla

    A) I had those pants, too. In red. B) I can’t wait to look this up — I, too, read “vintage” books to my son, and am so happy to still have some of the original editions that belonged to my sister and me. But I’m ready for more blasts from the past.

  2. Erica Perl

    I’ve loved this blog for quite some time! I also love vintage books (and clothes… and tablecloths…) and I’m amazed at some of the stuff she finds. She is a treasure-hunter par excellence!


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