Oh, to Be a Teacher Last Week

Josie Leavitt - June 17, 2013

Friday was the last day of school for all public schools in my county. Since Monday, we have sold well over $4000 in gift cards, almost all of them going to teachers as thanks.
Every year I’m blown away by how much parents give to teachers at the end of the year. I’m not talking a $10 gift card, although there are plenty of those, but $50 or $100 and in one case $200! These teachers are clearly doing something right by their students and it’s great that parents are getting them practical gifts as thanks. What’s also great is that the shop local theme is big this year. We are the only bookstore near five schools and our gift card purchasers are reinforcing that it’s important to go to local stores for gifts.
All teachers work so hard that it’s great to see them being thanked with the promise of books. I love the cycle that this perpetuates. Reading is so important for everyone, but especially those involved with education. It makes me happy to know that there are so many teachers, some of whom might not be regular customers, who now have a great reason to come in and get some books.
Yesterday, several eager teachers already came in with their gift cards to get books, not for themselves to read during the summer, but for their classroom libraries.

1 thought on “Oh, to Be a Teacher Last Week

  1. Tim tocher

    As a 30 year teacher, Josie, I assure you the cards are much appreciated. If 10 students contribute $5 each, the teacher has $50 to buy books for personal and classroom use. The alternative was often 10 more $5 coffee mugs. I’ve been retired 12 years, and still have mugs I’ve never used. Glad you are getting a boost along with the teachers.


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