Walking and Reading

Josie Leavitt -- May 22nd, 2013

I saw the most charming thing the other day. I was not working, but I drove by the bookstore on my way home. I always slow down when I drive by the store. I like to check the windows, the parking lot, etc.

Sunday found me slowing down to watch a young man, about 16, walking head first into a tree. He collided with the tree because he was reading and attempting to walk. He was fine. He looked around, somewhat sheepishly, brushed the bark off his forehead and continued to read.

There aren’t a lot of sidewalks where the store is, and seeing folks reading and walking is somewhat unusual, to say the least. The last person I saw reading and walking was Elizabeth when we lived in New York City. She could do it and not only not hit a tree, but nary a person. She’d know just when to slightly swerve to avoid collisions and still keep reading.

Curiosity got the best of me and I pulled in to the store. I had to find out what book was so engrossing. Turns out this young man had come to the bookstore for the very first time that day. He had been walking around town and “just had to stop and check out the bookstore,” according to the staff working. Turns out the book was Backwater, fifth in the Pendragon series. This young man, whose name we don’t know, was just visiting our town for a cousin’s graduation. He loved the store and as far as I know made it home safely.