Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Alison Morris - September 25, 2009

A heartfelt thank-you to everyone who sent kind wedding wishes to Gareth and me, either here on the blog or on our Facebook pages or direct to us via e-mail. We tied the knot on Saturday, September 12th at a children’s summer camp, Camp Wing in Duxbury, Massachusetts, and we are now MARRIED! I am keeping my name so you needn’t start referring to me as “Mrs. Hinds” (though I won’t be offended if you do).
Those of you curious about the details of our wedding will, I know, want to see photos, but for now we’ve got very few of those, so I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for more satisfaction on that count. After our OVERWHELMINGLY talented photographers, Heather Gilson and Jon Almeda of One Love Photo, have sent us more pics I will most likely put together a post that includes a few more photos and wedding details, should you want to see such a thing!
In the meantime, this one shot will give you a sneak peek at our perfect (and perfectly rainy!) day. (Click to view it much larger on Heather’s blog.) If your jaw dropped at the loveliness and artistry of the shot then you’ll understand why Gareth and I were beyond thrilled when, after Heather Gilson and I struck up an e-mail friendship last year, she offered to photograph our wedding at a price that wouldn’t completely blow our (rather small) budget. She is a photography miracle worker and, as it turns out, no stranger to the book world. She contributed the photos to Chronicle Books’ Up to No Good: The Rascally Things Boys Do As Told By Perfectly Decent Grown Men, edited by Kitty Harmon and currently has another book in the works — this one wedding-related. AND her mom’s a former first grade teacher, so she knows all too well the joy and value of children’s literature. AND she’s just a peach. And a half! As is her other half, Jon Almeda, who now photographs weddings with her. Gareth and I had a blast hanging out with these two on our wedding day. They fit right in with our 115 guests (all beloved friends and family), and they were perfectly adept at keeping the wheels of our wedding day running smoothly, all of which is ALSO true of illustrator Anna Alter and her husband Bruno Trindade, who helped to coordinate Gareth’s and my wedding day, and whose wedding day WE helped to coordinate a few months earlier! Stay tuned for a post about THEIR special day. In the meantime you can read what Anna had to say about ours!

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