Walking the Floor at BEA

Josie Leavitt - June 6, 2012

I noticed yesterday while I was walking the very crowded show floor that the size of the totebags being given out are just enormous. I am not a fan of large totes. Especially when the totes in question are half the size of the person carrying the bag. It seems to me that by 11 am the first day only the most ardent, galley grabbing show goers could fill their bags. And most of the bags I’ve seen were full, some ridiculously so.

I think the rule of thumb for tote giveaways is they shouldn’t also be large enough to double as a weekend bag.

I always marvel at the stamina of folks who can carry an overloaded tote bag all day at the trade show. I don’t pick up anything anymore, unless it’s unique. A tote with posters reveals a first timer to the show. Everyone knows posters become shredded paper by the end of the day.

So, on my first day of walking the floor I was struck by the bags, the sheer number of people, and the lack of books in many of the big publisher’s booths. As disappointed as I was by the lack of books, I was awfully impressed by how good the light boxes with covers looked.


3 thoughts on “Walking the Floor at BEA

  1. DA

    I remember years ago we brought our own mailing tubes and had a rolling party (the poster kind) in our hotel rooms the night before we left for home. We rolled up all the posters and easily carried them back with no damage!

  2. Elizabeth Bluemle

    I have to say, I’m hearing from a lot of people who like the big bags, but the consensus seems to be that “grocery bag size” would be ideal…. : )

  3. Cyndi Hughes

    Excellent eye, Josie! And I’m with you on the books. I’m also waxing nostalgic for catalogs because I didn’t have a chance to review them online before getting to BEA & I’m probably missing out on some valuable in-person follow-up.


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