Thou Dost Request This Book Too Much

Alison Morris -- January 23rd, 2009

Every parent has that ONE book they’re begged to read again and again and again and again and… Even those of us who aren’t parents have experienced this phenomenon in the role of teachers or siblings or babysitters.

There are plenty of reasons that reading the same books multiple times to a child is actually helpful to their development. Children find it reassuring to find that their favorite tales turn out the same way in the end, each time they listen to them. They generally ask more complex or insightful questions about a story after they’ve heard it multiple times. Once they’ve heard the book enough time to have memorized it, they’ll recite it or "read" it to you — an important step on the road to literacy. Reading and rereading the same books to a child is therefore a healthy practice. But boy it can be a pain in the… hindquarters.

With that in mind, I put this question to you today: What book were you/are you asked to read FAR too many times (for your happiness) by a child in your life? Was it a book you once loved and eventually grew to hate? Was it a book you didn’t like in the first place and therefore had to suffer through even from the start? Can you still recite it to this day, some X years later? Purge those tortured memories here and/or recite for us what you still recall from that particular book.

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