CI6 Costume Party Q&A

Kenny Brechner -- June 21st, 2018

Well I have 20 minutes to do a post from New Orleans. Not enough time. So here is a tiny FAQ about last night’s opening ceremonies. As you will know from reading Cynthia’s account yesterday, the Children’s Institute opener was a costume party.

Did you get a chance to meet up with any of your fellow ShelfTalkers, Kenny?

What about Meghan?

I see, but what about Leslie, wasn’t she at the conference too?

I did get to see Leslie later on. She, Cynthia, and two of Cynthia’s Astra board pals talked book and toys after the reception! It was such a terrific get together that I forgot to take a photo.

Also, is that a costume you are wearing or are you really Reid Fleming?

No costumes involved. Cynthia really is Mary Poppins. Meghan is really Meghan. I am really The World’s Toughest Milkman.

Okay did your nemesis/pal Judith Rosen try and stop you from congratulating Louise Marshall, the¬†reception’s costume champion?

She absolutely did! Judith informed me that I couldn’t report on the costume party because she was already doing that for PW, not to mention Cynthia’s involvement.

Were you able to fight past her?

I was! It was my duty. Louise was on the Fall Indies Introduce Panel with me and it was a clear duty to fight across to her and mark the occasion! Well done Louise! Absolutely!



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