7 thoughts on “Fhtagn Baby, Fhtagn!

  1. Michelle R. Wood

    A bevy of genetically engineered ice mermaids, an experiment thought to have failed and so abandoned by scientists years ago. The two have developed a telepathic ability to communicate with the natural world, and when they’re removed by the curious finders, an ecological disaster results that will reveal the truth about secret coproate/national science past, present, and future.

  2. Paul Riddell

    How about the last vestiges of Earth’s original fauna and flora, when we discover that the current biome, humans included, was brought here by Yog-Sothoth?

  3. Christina

    Think Gollum-like creatures, but better looking with superior intelligence who are extremely long-lived because of the oxygen richness. They have developed ways to get sunlight to their environment, by making a tube shapes of less dense ice that goe all the way to the surface of the Earth. The dilemma is that when humans try to access their realm, the creatures will lose their both their own longevity and way of life, and may even die en masse. But crass capitalists (of course) don’t care, as long as they can market the promise of multi-centurianism for humans on earth.

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