Exciting Changes on the PW Reviews Pages!

hearts! It’s Monday and our 9/6 issue is out even though it’s a holiday, which means I can finally announce the big news I’ve been sitting on (and occasionally hinting at on Twitter) for almost a month.

As you may know, I handle two reviews sections at PW: SF/fantasy/horror, and mass market of all genres. As of today, PW no longer has a mass market reviews section. But don’t panic, because we’re going to keep reviewing mass market titles; we’ll just do it according to genre. In order to do that in the way that makes the most sense, our 9/6 issue inaugurates our romance reviews section, which I will be editing henceforth.

I am so ridiculously excited about this, you have no idea.

When I started handling mass market titles a couple of years ago, it was very clear that most of them were romances, about which I knew not very much. My mother wrote eight category romances for Berkley Jove in the 80s, so at least I knew romance novels could be good and didn’t have the knee-jerk prejudice against them that a lot of people seem to have, but the genre’s changed a lot in 25 years. I begged the help of Library Journal‘s fabulous romance editor, Bette-Lee Fox (no relation, though it was fun to be mistaken for mother and daughter at RWA), who was incredibly kind and informative. Soon I started reading romances, and then I started reading lots of romances, and now it’s two years later and I have a bookcase dedicated to romances. If you will pardon the phrase, I fell in love with the genre. And now I get to immerse myself in it more deeply, while handing off the other mass market titles to the editors who know more about mysteries, thrillers, and true crime. Really, I couldn’t be more thrilled.

So when you get to your office and your copy of PW this week, flip to where the mass market reviews section used to be and you’ll find a big header that says “Romance.” (The first time I opened a file with that header in it, I was so excited I screencapped it and sent the picture to Josh. There might have been some exclamation points involved.) The section will cover romance of every type: historical and contemporary, Western and paranormal, Christian and gay.

There will be some book-by-book negotiations for titles that straddle genre lines (is this a thriller or romantic suspense? paranormal romance or urban fantasy?), so publishers, please label your books “ROMANCE” (or “FANTASY” or “THRILLER”, etc.) if you want to help us out with that. If you want to know more about the new section or submitting titles for review, read our submission guidelines first and then email me at rfox@publishersweekly.com if you still have questions. We’re doing romance-related features, too–I just scheduled a romance Q&A–so feel free to send me pitches for those.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, my new section and I are going to go get started on our HEA.

EDIT: Jane L. of Dear Author was kind enough to interview me about the new section, so if you have questions, they might be answered there. Take a look! And many thanks to my fellow PW blogger Barbara Vey for her kind words over at Beyond Her Book.

38 thoughts on “Exciting Changes on the PW Reviews Pages!

  1. Teresa Medeiros

    Oh Rose,
    This is such exciting news! I feel like I’ve been waiting 20 years to hear it :). I wish you the best of luck with this new endeavor.

    Teresa Medeiros
    THE DEVIL WEARS PLAID, on sale now
    GOODNIGHT TWEETHEART, coming January 2011

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  3. Eve Silver

    Rose, your news is wonderful and welcome. I wish you every success with this endeavor. The story about your mother writing category romance made me smile; what a lovely connection to the romance genre.

    Warmest regards,

    Eve Silver
    SINS OF THE SOUL~Sept/10

    1. Rose Fox Post author

      At last year’s RWA, I got someone to introduce me to Ellen Edwards, my mother’s former editor, so I could tell her I’d met her 25 years before when I was rather shorter. It was pretty awesome.

  4. Melissa Mayhue

    What wonderful news, Rose! Congratulations to you for being right at the heart of it!!

    Melissa Mayhue
    Healing the Highlander, 3/11, Pocket Books
    Highlander’s Curse, 4/11, Pocket Books

  5. Paula Gawne

    Rose, this is wonderful. I am so very happy for you. Heading for the Big Time, Lady, and it will be well deserved.

  6. Lisa Hendrix

    So wonderful to hear that PW is finally recognizing Romance as the publishing phenomenon that it is. Thank you for being a driving force behind that. It’s going to be fun to watch what you do with the section.

  7. glossaria

    THANK YOU! I order both for the speculative fiction (SF/fantasy/horror) AND the romance sections of my library. Someone else orders mysteries and regular fiction, so it’s always been a minor pain to have to sort through the mass market stuff when the rest of fiction is so nicely organized.

    I’m VERY happy to have another reliable source of romance reviews. I purchase about 50 titles a month, and I don’t buy at random– I depend on the advice of review journals to keep my collection in top form. (RT Book Reviews has been my main go-to source– hopefully I can add PW to that list now!).

    Guess I’ll be seeing a lot of you on the page in the near future! Yay!

  8. Leanna Renee Hieber

    We are so blessed and excited to have you, Rose! Great to see you at Lady Jane’s Salon, I was so thrilled to hear the news in person. You’re our hero!! Keep up the wonderful work for all of our genres!

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  10. Laurel Ann

    Congratulations Rose! This is wonderful news. I look forward to reading your reviews and applaud PW for creating a genre driven review categories. It makes so much sense.

    Best wishes, Laurel Ann,


  11. Diane Gaston

    This is wonderful news, Rose, especially because you have the enthusiasm that the best-selling mass market genre deserves!

    I wonder how you will deal with the Harlequin series books? I’d hate to see them ignored!

    1. Rose Fox Post author

      If Harlequin sends them in for review consideration, I’ll consider them the way I would any other book.

  12. Julie Miller

    This is terrific news for romance readers and authors alike! Thanks, Rose, for being a wonderful advocate for the romance genre.

    I’m especially pleased to see your willingness to support Series (Category) Romance. They’re a solid, growing market right now as more readers are discovering them–or coming back to them?–so it makes sense to review those as well.

    What are some of the titles your mom wrote? How fun that you got to meet her editor at RWA.

    1. Rose Fox Post author

      My mother write four books for the To Have and To Hold series and four to launch Second Chance at Love, all under the pen name Jennifer Rose. (My best friend at the time was named Jennifer.) I highly recommend them!

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