Awesome Women in Spec Fic

Cybermage has just finished up a wonderful series of posts on formidable female protagonists in science fiction. He says he’s keen for more ideas, so feel free to go name some names on the 16th installment, which includes a list of all 80 women mentioned so far. It’s an impressive list, all the more so because he seems to be staying very firmly within science fiction and science fantasy, which are generally thought to be rather short on kick-ass heroines.

Speaking of awesome women in spec fic, there are a great many of them in A.M. Dellamonica’s fabulous story “The Cage”, which just went up on Thanks to Nina Lourie for saying “Aroooo” at me until I finally went and read it. She was totally right and it is well worth the scroll-ergs. Arooo!

5 thoughts on “Awesome Women in Spec Fic

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  2. Mark O'Bannon

    Wow, what a great list!
    I just went to a great panel at the SD Comic Con, where they talked about female protagonists in film… I forgot the name of the panel though.
    Thanks for the link!

  3. Kitti

    Egads! Where is Tolkein’s Eowyn, Princess of Rohan, who went to war undercover and slew both the dragon and the Witch King of Angmar??

    1. Rose Fox Post author

      I expect she’s on a list of awesome women in fantasy. This one focuses on science fiction.

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