A Question For Our Readers About Urban Fantasy Authors

Genreville is looking to interview authors whose work fits in the “urban fantasy” subgenre. Note that by “urban fantasy” I include stories that aren’t necessarily in an urban setting but have noir/hardboiled elements.

Who would you like to see us approach about an interview?

182 thoughts on “A Question For Our Readers About Urban Fantasy Authors

  1. DebiM

    Mark Henry, Mario Acevedo, Jeanne Stein, Jaye Wells, Diana Rowland, Jocelyn Drake, Rachel Vincent, Kat Richardson, and Cheri Priest to add to the list of authors already suggested.

  2. J. T. Glover

    Charlie Huston. He writes dark, gritty novels that I’ve usually seen characterized as noir or crime, but his Joe Pitt novels, centered on a vampire P.I., easily fit inside UF.

  3. bill r

    For Contemporary UF with noir PI, with magic and creatures but without the all too trendy vampires, there’s Laura Anne Gilman. NY NY is about as Urban as it gets.

  4. Colleen Lindsay

    Kelly Gay, who is a debut author Seanan McGuire, another debut author And some of my faves: Kat Richardson Rachel Caine Lilith Saintcrow (who also runs a great blog for writers)

  5. Josh Jasper

    Diane- I mostly mention that because there’s an increasing amount of fantasy set on in a semi-real-world setting that has noir elements, but isn’t urban. I’d class that as doing the same thing as a lot of urban fantasy, just in a rural setting. It even gets marketed in the same way UF does, down to the cover artists. It’s being marketed at UF fans, but isn’t urban. I’d like to include that, not exclude UF that really is urban but has no element of the classic noir/hardboiled novel.

  6. Adam Lipkin

    Josh, are you only including the recently redefined version of the subgenre, or are you also including the traditional one? If you’re covering both, I’d say that Diane herself should be interviewed. Others include Charles de Lint, Adam Stemple, Delia Sherman (especially in light of the upcoming new Bordertown book), and Ellen Kushner.


    Are you only interested in authors whose work is classified as “adult”? Because there are many YA authors whose works would fall into this genre, who are producing some interesting works. Not to mention folks like Lili Saintcrow, Rachel Vincent, Kim Harrison, Will Shetterly, etc. who are writing for both audiences…

  8. Joe Sherry

    Cherie Priest, Emma Bull, Will Shetterly, Guy Gavriel Kay (Ysabel), Neil Gaiman, China Mieville (fantasy in a very urban environment, if not our world), Catherynne Valente, Carrie Vaughn. I’d really like to see Emma Bull interviewed since War for the Oaks is probably the modern frontrunner of the movement (along with Borderlands, which she was also a part of)

  9. Toni L.P. Kelner

    In no particular order, some others who haven’t been mentioned: Kat Richardson Faith Hunter Christopher Golden Tate Hallaway PN Elrod Tanya Huff Jeanne C. Stein Kelley Armstrong Karen Chance Rob Thurman Carrie Vaughn Katie MacAlister

  10. Meredith

    Seconding Seanan (though I’m hardly impartial), Jim Butcher, Laura Anne Gilman, China Meiville, Emma Bull and Cassie Clare. And I’d like to add Holly Black. Would Tim Powers count? How about Charlie Stross?

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