A Global SF/F Magazine

I didn’t know a magazine of international SF was in the works until I started seeing links to the first issue popping up on Twitter today. It is, quite sensibly, called International Speculative Fiction, and issue 1 features fiction by Joyce Chng, Rochita Loenen-Ruiz, and Marian Truţă as well as an article by Stanislaw Lem on Philip K. Dick. Issue 0 came out in June and had fiction by Alliete de Bodard, C.M. Teodorecu, and Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro; an article by Fábio Fernandes; and Cristian Tamas interviewing Judit Lörinczy. The magazine is entirely a labor of love: they don’t run ads or solicit donations, and they don’t pay writers or editors. Learn more and download issues 0 and 1 for free here.

2 thoughts on “A Global SF/F Magazine

  1. Andrew Porter

    Not to be confused with INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE FICTION, a magazine published from 1967 to ’68 and edited by Frederik Pohl. Done in by the necessity to print copies and, harder still, actually sell them on the newsstand. And they paid the authors and editor, and translated stories into English.

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