Here Comes Sandy

PW has beautiful offices on the 16th floor of a high-rise building in NYC’s Flatiron District. We have a great view of the Hudson River and lower Manhattan. Needless to say, that’s currently a great view of a whole lot of very wet wind, so I’m not at work today; I’m safe at home in Brooklyn, miles from the evacuation zones, editing reviews on my laptop because it feels weird not to be working on a Monday. My fabulous partner Xtina just finished organizing our SF/F/H library (yes, we moved nine months ago, but it’s a big undertaking!) so we have plenty of reading material easily to hand. If cabin fever gets to be too much for us, we’ll distract ourselves by figuring out the best way to put ARCs into LibraryThing.

Con Ed is considering turning off power below 34th Street, so PW‘s in-house email server has been shut down. If you need to reach me about something PW-related, leave a comment here or tweet @genreville. And if you’re in Hurricane Sandy’s path, stay safe and dry!

One thought on “Here Comes Sandy

  1. Andrew Porter

    I worked from home starting in 1975 and ending in 2002. The best part is not having to put your shoes on or get dressed if you really don’t want to, which is Not a good idea if you’re using Skype.

    The bad part is getting up to think about something and finding yourself in front of the fridge. No; bad editor!

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