PW Is Hiring!

Publishers Weekly, my esteemed employer, is hiring a copy editor. Details here.

I don’t think it’s a secret that I am really, really, really happy at this company. The workplace atmosphere is laid-back and great. I’m comfortably out as queer and polyamorous (nothing says “queer-friendly workplace” like the president and CEO having previously run Out magazine and been profiled in a New York Times piece about same-sex weddings), and I don’t think I’m even the most outspoken feminist on the staff. We’re a pretty diverse crowd by magazine publishing standards. The business is stable and ethical, the pay is good, the benefits are generous, and the colleagues are collegial. I unhesitatingly recommend PW as a place to work, and if you’re a copy editor with magazine experience and a substantial interest in books and publishing, I strongly encourage you to apply.

(I have nothing to do with interviewing or hiring for this or any other position. I’m just the messenger.)