Chicago Here We Come

I’m really looking forward to going to this year’s Worldcon. As usual, I expect to almost entirely miss the program in favor of talking with interesting people who are full of interesting ideas and gossip (some of which–quoted with permission, of course–will undoubtedly make it into the mid-September SF/F focus issue of PW). Josh and I will also be liveblogging and livetweeting the Hugos on Sunday night, starting at 8 p.m. Central Time. No idea yet whether they’ll get me an embargoed list of the winners, so follow along here and on @genreville to see whether our updates go like clockwork or are full of hasty shorthand and typos.

3 thoughts on “Chicago Here We Come

  1. Michael Walsh

    One of the folks attending Chicon 7 will be Erle Korshak … who was one of the triumvirate that ran the very first Chicon in 1940, which was also the second Worldcon.

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