Even Yet Still More Awards

Tor.com helpfully lists the Mythopoeic Awards finalists and the Spectrum Award winners. The Sturgeon Award finalists have also been announced. Congratulations to all!

Speaking of awards, I’ll be at the Lambda Awards ceremony on Monday June 4, right before BEA; primarily I’ll be there to cover it for PW, but I might also diffidently mention that a book I contributed to is up for an award (Milk and Honey, in the lesbian poetry category) and of course I want to cheer on all my friends who are nominated for LGBT SF/F/H. I suspect that in that crowd I can’t do my usual thing of “I’ll be easy to spot–just look for the woman with buzzed hair and a pinstripe suit”; maybe I’ll wear a wig and a ballgown and tell people to keep an eye out for the 5’4″ cosmetics-eschewing drag queen. Anyway, if you’re there and you see me or someone you think is me, do feel free to say hello.

One thought on “Even Yet Still More Awards

  1. Andrew Porter

    Maybe you could wear a propellor beanie.

    I’ve always been amazed by the number of awards in the SF/F/horror field, and the number has proliferated over the decades. For a while I toyed with the idea of having a “best of” award, in which all the other winners would be up against each other, but nothing ever came of this.

    One year, my SCIENCE FICTION CHRONICLE had a contest to choose most attractive male and female editors and writers, with a “best buns” category. Lots of fascinating votes and comments. Ace’s Susan Allison, Tom Monteleone, and others “won”…

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