Monday Miscellany

  • I’m on the air, digitally speaking! Starting, uh, last week (I meant to blog about this on Friday but it’s been a bit hectic around here), and continuing ad infinitum, I’ll be giving sneak previews of PW‘s reviews section every Friday on special episodes of the Copyright Clearance Center’s Beyond the Book podcast (not to be confused with Barbara Vey’s Beyond Her Book blog). Other PW editors and staff will be talking about book news; in the first episode, features editor Andrew Albanese talks about the Amazon/Overdrive partnership, the upcoming Frankfurt book fair, and more. Listen to that episode here and then subscribe to the podcast through this iTunes link.
  • So you want to write a romance novel? Watch these videos first. “Was it good?” “It was amazing.” “Will we live happily ever after now?” “No.” If you want to write a non-romance novel, this video may also prove instructive. (Hat tip to Maureen Johnson.) I have yet to find equivalent videos for SF, fantasy, or horror, but if you encounter them, do send them my way.
  • It’s Strange Horizons fund drive time again, and they’re only about 20% of the way to their goal. Don’t forget that donating any amount enters you into a drawing for a wide array of nifty prizes.
  • Andrew Porter sends links to videos of Roger Zelazny and Jane Yolen doing readings at Fourth Street in 1986. Each video is an hour long, so give it some time to load before you start watching. They start with some introductory material about conventions; if you decide to skip that, on the broadly correct assumption that nothing much has changed in that regard over the past 25 years, the readings begin around 02:45.
  • Speaking of readings, Andy Duncan knocked it out of the park at KGB on Wednesday! Wow! If you ever have a chance to hear him read, do not miss it. Michael Swanwick, the least self-effacing writer I have ever met, went up to the podium after the break and said, “Andy is a hard act to follow. But I can do it.” Alas, his tale of doomed love between an ugly, brilliant theoretical physicist and her gorgeous, brilliant technician did not quite outshine Andy’s remarkable novelette “Close Encounters”, in which a mountain hermit reflects on his long-ago abduction by aliens.
  • Michael also mentioned a story idea and said I should blog about it and encourage someone to turn it into an actual story. Alas, I can’t remember what it was.
  • Also speaking of readings, I’m going to take a very brief moment to toot my own horn and note that I and other contributors to Milk and Honey: A Celebration of Jewish Lesbian Poetry will be reading at Bluestockings Books on October 10th at 7 p.m., and at CCNY’s Shepard Hall on October 11th at 6:30 p.m. If you’re in New York, come join us! The book is gorgeous and amazing (as is everything published by A Midsummer Night’s Press) and I’m kind of stunned that editor Julie R. Enszer liked my little poem enough to include it.
  • Oh all right, a bit more horn-tooting. That’s what blogs are for, isn’t it? I’ll be onstage at the 21st First Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony this Thursday, September 29, up in Cambridge MA. Tickets are sold out, but you can watch for free on our webcast. I believe my role is listed in the program book as “Human Aerodrome and Onstage Lurking Presence”.

A bit of trivia for you: Many years ago, my father took a road trip with Tom Disch and Marilyn Hacker. The men took turns driving, and whoever wasn’t driving would write sonnets with Marilyn to pass the time. My father assembled these sonnets into a tiny chapbook called Highway Sandwiches. As it happens, Marilyn Hacker is also a contributor to Milk and Honey, so I believe she’s the first person to ever share TOCs with both my father and me. I could not have predicted that!

4 thoughts on “Monday Miscellany

  1. Marilyn Hacker

    Hello, Rose — what a good excuse to make contact. Charles did the terrific drawing on the cover of that pamphlet, too…

    1. Rose Fox Post author

      Hi Marilyn! How wonderful to hear from you! Will I see you at either of the Milk and Honey events?

      I do love that cover art. Alas, I did not inherit a knack for freehand drawing.

  2. Michael Walsh

    For those who might want to see Andy Duncan & Michael Swanwick should come to Capclave (14-16 October) – Guests of Honor are Carrie Vaughn & Catherynne Valente .

    Fascinating bit of trivia regarding you and Marilyn Hacker – sometimes it does seem like it really is a small world.

  3. Andy Duncan

    Many thanks, Rose. I’m very glad you enjoyed the reading. “Close Encounters” should be out in 2012 in my new collection, The Pottawatomie Giant and Other Stories, from PS Publishing.

    I regret that I’ve had to cancel out of Capclave and World Fantasy. I did, however, just receive an MP3 from Jim Freund of his recording of my KGB reading in December 2009, and I’ll be posting that online soon, probably on my blog. It captures me reading the first three scenes of my PS Publishing novelette “The Night Cache,” later a Shirley Jackson and World Fantasy nominee — with audience reaction, of course.

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