Bring on the Digital Galleys

If you’re not subscribed to the PW Daily email (and why aren’t you? It’s free and you can sign up right here), you may have missed this announcement:

Beginning September 15, Publishers Weekly‘s romance and science fiction/fantasy/horror reviews sections will accept digital galleys for review consideration. This includes galleys for digital-first publications in those genres.

We especially encourage small and independent presses to make use of the new system, which we hope will make it easier to send us galleys three to four months ahead of publication. Uploading digital galleys is also an eco-friendly alternative to packaging and shipping physical galleys.

All of PW’s current submission guidelines apply to digital galleys. We accept .epub, .mobi, .rtf, and .pdf formats. Please only submit each book once; there is no need to submit both physical and digital galleys of the same title.

Publishers may access the upload system at Please send error reports, questions, and feedback to

I am pleased as punch to be spearheading this effort, and grateful to my reviewers who are willing to make the digital plunge. Please spread the word to all the SF/fantasy/horror and romance publishers and publicists you know.

14 thoughts on “Bring on the Digital Galleys

  1. Kate

    I greatly prefer sending out digital galleys and ARCs to sending out paper copies – you’re right, it’s both more eco-friendly and way easier on the ol’ production schedule. Bless you for getting Publisher’s Weekly on board with this! Looking forward to shipping some digital galleys your way.

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  3. Avery Flynn

    This is great news with one caveat. The submission guidelines still call for submitting the ARC 3-4 months prior to publication. That really doesn’t take into account the faster turnaround time at smaller independent publishing houses. At four months out, the digital first publication may be in the first round of edits.

    1. Rose Fox Post author

      Our audience includes librarians, booksellers, and others who need to make purchasing decisions well before publication. We review books two months out, which means we need to get galleys three to four months out so that we have time to assign, receive, and edit the review and then put it through our own layout, proofing, and publication process. We do our best to accommodate the tighter schedules of smaller publishing houses, but we can only push our production schedule so far.

      1. Avery Flynn

        I completely understand. This is a great move for PW, digital first authors and publishers and – most of all – readers. I’m just concerned that because of logistics, that smaller independent digital first publishers may not be able to benefit from the move, even though the PW brief states that they hope small and independent houses to make use of the system. That said, I say bravo to PW for making the first move.

        1. Rose Fox Post author

          I hope some of those publishers will consider delaying publication on their major titles in order to make our submission window. I know this isn’t an ideal solution, but it’s one that a number of small publishers have adopted because they feel the benefits of a PW review outweigh the inconvenience of the delay. I’m certainly happy to work with any publisher who wants to submit galleys to us for review.

  4. Deb Kinnard

    Since this just started, and digital-first authors may have releases in the next few weeks that could not (no way, no how) get in under this window, is there a grace period? I would love to have my 9/15 release reviewed. Thank you for doing this even if you can’t accommodate less lead time.

  5. K F Ridely

    How I would love to have the opportunity to be reviewed by PW. However, the submission requirements are not geared toward small houses. Small, indie publishers could not complete with those guidelines.

  6. Bart Leib

    Many huge thanks from a small publisher for this, Rose. A terrific idea that will definitely make it much easier – heck, will make it *possible* – to submit our publications to you!

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