Cheryl Morgan Removes Some of Her Many Hats

For reasons somewhat loosely related to complaints about the Hugos, and perhaps more directly related to this conversation on Twitter, Cheryl Morgan is withdrawing from a number of organizations:

Nothing I have seen has been directed at me, which is a big relief after the ridiculous nonsense last year. However, all winners are tarred with the same brush. [...] In particular I’m tired of worrying that projects I’m involved in, which I care deeply about, will suffer through their association with whatever mud-slinging is affecting me. And I have to face up to the fact that for a large segment of the community I will never be anything more than a fan who won fan Hugos in controversial circumstances.

So I am bowing out.

I’ll be retiring from Clarkesworld [...] I’m also giving up SF Awards Watch. [...] I have resigned from the Board of Lavie Tidhar’s World SF Travel Fund. [...] I have resigned from the Board of the SF&F Translations Awards.

I am inevitably reminded of Cheryl closing Emerald City in 2006 after a very similar hyperbole-and-outrage set of conversations. It is worth noting, though, that that was hardly the end of her career, as exemplified by the list of commitments above. I wish her the best and hope she finds ways to stay in, or come back to, the parts of fandom where she currently feels unwelcome.

One thought on “Cheryl Morgan Removes Some of Her Many Hats

  1. Michael J. "Orange Mike" Lowrey

    That twitter conversation leaves me puzzled. Are people seriously arguing that the Hugos are “fixed” because they can only be voted on by people who have joined (at some level) the organization that awards them by popular vote?

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