RIP Martin H. Greenberg, Editor Fantastic

I am very sad to see that SFSite reports the death of Martin H. Greenberg.

The anthologies I read as a kid are the reason I grew up wanting to be an editor. Greenberg’s name is on so many of those anthologies that I have a separate bookshelf for them. He was immensely prolific and very rarely recognized for his editorial talent, perhaps because his books were mass market originals and unabashedly commercial. I’m sure I’m not the only editor he inspired, and he collaborated with many notables as well as up-and-comers. He will be missed.

5 thoughts on “RIP Martin H. Greenberg, Editor Fantastic

  1. Nick Kaufmann

    Sad news. His name is on almost all the anthologies I’ve read. I got to meet him at the Bram Stoker Awards in NYC in 2005, and found him a very smart, funny, kind man.

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  3. Carole Nelson Douglas

    What a landmark loss. Marty was a pioneer and a giant of all genres when it came to drawing writers and readers into short fiction, and some writers into editing as well. This warm, upbeat, enthusiastic man was a pleasure to know and work with.

  4. Beverly Friend

    So very sad. I remember him so well — way back in the days before he had begun the anthologies and we were all fledgling members of the Science Fiction Research Association. We sat around, in Green Bay — I think in about 1969 — talking, planning, and all his good work lay ahead of him. Those were the days when we were the Secondary Universe Society and Tom Clareson and Ivor Rogers were still alive. Sigh…..

  5. Toni L.P. Kelner

    I knew Marty was doing poorly, but was in denial about the possibility of our actually losing him. He did so much for me as a writer, both indirectly and directly. (Charlaine Harris and I worked with him on our anthologies. In fact, he was the first to suggest Charlaine edit an anthology.) And that’s not counting all he did for me as a reader. I just hate that he’s gone.

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