April Fool Roundup

It’s April Fool’s Day, and SF/F blogs all around the internet will be making joke posts. Help us collect them! Share your favorite links in the comments. (I’ll be keeping an eye on the moderation queue all day, so if your post is held because it’s too “spam-like”, don’t worry; I’ll approve it as quickly as I can.)

It’s early yet, but my favorite so far is this brilliant fake trailer for Game of Thrones.

11 thoughts on “April Fool Roundup

  1. Michael Walsh

    Effective today, April 1, Miskatonic University Press will be distributed by Hopkins Fulfillment Services.

    Located in Arkham, Mass., Miskatonic University is world renowned for its collection of rare texts. “Partnering with HFS, known for their superior service to university presses, was a natural match,” said Miskatonic University librarian Dr. Henry Armitage.

    Next year the press plans to publish a revised edition of the Necronomicon, which will include an interactive e-book, with a new text-to-incantation feature. HFS will also be responsible for the dissemination of the Pnakotic Manuscripts and the R’lyeh Text.

    The Press’s board of directors, known affectionately as the Elder Ones, commented: “We appreciate what fresh blood will do for our spring list.” On a related note, the press’s prior distributor could not be reached.

    “I always suspected it would come to this,” said Davida Breier, manager of Hopkins Fulfillment Services.

  2. gamerlibrarian

    Hi Rose – PW has some blog syndication issues. You might want to talk to your tech people. While PWXYZ is updating the latest post on the main PW page, your blog, Beyond Her Book and Shelftalker are still displaying the “new latest post” as one from over a week ago. Your “new” post is the one on Orbit’s short story snippets from March 25.

    For those of us, like me, who cruise the main PW page and check to see if a blog has updated, we’ve missed out on a lot of content.

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