Spectrum Awards Winners Announced

Irene Gallo has posted the winners of the 18th annual Spectrum Awards for excellence in SF/F art:

Concept Art
Gold: Kekai Kotaki for Riven Earth
Silver: Tomaz Jedruszek for Legends of Norrath

Gold: David Meng
Silver: Akihito

Gold: Rebecca Guay for A Flight of Angels
Silver: David Palumbo for Sleep
Silver: Joao Ruass for Fables 96

Gold David Palumbo for God’s War
Silver: Dan Dos Santos for White Trash Zombie

Gold: Ryohei Hase for Narco Americano
Silver: Sam Weber for The Fisherman’s Wife

Gold: Andrew Jones for Share One Planet
Silver: Brom for Redd Wing

Gold: Richard Anderson for Knight March
Silver: Donato Giancola for Mind Machine

Gold: Rebecca Guay for Pandora
Silver: J. S. Rossbach for White Heat
Silver: Scott Brundage for Tigers Have Striped Skin

Congratulations to all the winners!

The categories are so different from the award categories for written SF/F. I love the idea of a Hugo-associated award for Best Unpublished Novel, like the RWA Golden Heart Awards. I don’t know whether an ad spot has ever been nominated for Best Related Work, but there’s certainly plenty of fantasy in advertising, so why not? Maybe we could learn something from these artsy types.

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