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The Morning Blend

Barbara Vey -- February 21st, 2013
Dianna Love, Barbara Vey and Molly Fay of The Morning Blend.

Dianna Love, Barbara Vey and Molly Fay of The Morning Blend.

The other day I was a guest on The Morning Blend tv show with author Dianna Love.  She talked about her books and I talked about the Reader Appreciation Luncheon I host here in Milwaukee.  I did it last year too and had an amazing time.  The lights, the camera, the rush.  You can watch the interview here.

As anyone who knows me can tell you, I have no problem talking to anyone at anytime.  Going on television doesn’t make me nervous.  It energizes me, it excites me, it gets my heart pumping.  I’ve discovered I really like it and now I’m considering doing some video blogging.  I really need to talk to PW about letting me do my blog once a week as a video.

Of course, on the downside, I couldn’t do it like I write a blog, usually in my jammies in bed.  I’d probably have to get dressed (at least the parts the camera sees) and then I’d need make up because my face is so pale it really washes out on screen.

Now thinking about it, this may be the reason so many people want to write a book.  When it’s time to sit down at the computer, you can be in your most comfortable clothes and nobody really cares what you look like.  All that matters is writing a really good book.

So, any authors who would like to send me a picture of them writing, I’ll put it in the blog next week.  You can’t fancy yourself up for the picture.  It has to be au naturale (that doesn’t mean nude in this case).  Send them to bvey@publishersweekly.com .

Bottom Line:  “All right Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up,” ~ Norma Desmond, Sunset Boulevard