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Social Media for Social Good: Romance Charity

Barbara Vey -- November 12th, 2012

In the world of romance (as well as other genres), there’s always a good cause to get behind.  Over the years I’ve posted about charities for the military, literacy, animal rescue and too many natural disasters to count.

Limecello (yes, that’s the name she goes by online and people even call her that in person) has been a blogger and reviewer since 2002.  She’s also a lawyer.  Every year she researches charities that will help the international community.  This year she has chosen Charity:Water.

Social Media for Social Good is  what she calls her annual event.  Limecello says, “This is actually my third year, and it’s the same as before. A fundraiser for charity where I ask the romance community to step in, and step up. To give what they can, and if not, leave a comment to contribute. To make a difference, and in our small way, make the world a better place. In fact, that’s why I made it a comment drive – so people who can’t afford to donate can still feel a part of it, and know that they were integral to the cause, as there are people donating based on the number of comments the blog post has – either a set mark, or a “quota.” E.g. $10 for ever 100 comments. ”

Of her challenges, Limecello offers, “There are people pledging once we hit 350 comments, 500, and (for example) The Romance Man and I are both in for $300 each if we get 1,000 comments. (I’m in regardless, but 1,000 comments is my goal.)  I’m also doing a reader/blogger challenge, where if 50 readers or bloggers donate – even $1, I’ll increase my donation by $25.”

The website also offers giveaways for commenters.  This one is kind of a no brainer folks.  You can pledge as little as $1 or you can just leave a comment.  This is the one instance where your comment can be worth money that goes for a good cause.  And you have a chance to win something.  Really, how long can it take out of your “busy” day to comment, “Good luck with your charity.”  It doesn’t cost you anything.  But, if you do want to donate, that’s ok too. You can comment on the post Water Changes Everything.

My hat is off to Limecello and others who make it their mission to help others.

As always, I encourage you to post info in the comments section on your favorite charity that others may find out about them.

Bottom Line:  “If you haven’t got any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.” ~ Bob Hope