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Authors at Libraries

Barbara Vey -- April 26th, 2013
Allison Leotta and Eileen Dreyer

Allison Leotta and Eileen Dreyer

Well, this is a big weekend for me.  Last night there was a library event I moderated with Eileen Dreyer and Allison Leotta and this morning I’m driving them over to be on The Morning Blend tv show.  Tonight I’m moderating a free community Q&A with about 20 authors in Milwaukee and tomorrow is the Second Annual Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Luncheon.  38 authors will be here to meet, greet and dine with over 200 readers.




It’s jam packed, but I love this stuff.  The library event last night went great.  All readers attended, but out of that group, several were writers.  It’s always interesting to hear the difference in questions asked between the two.  Readers want to know all about the author, their lives and what’s coming up in their books.  Writers want to know about the journey, the struggles, the successes and, I think, that affirmation that it’s possible for them to be a successful, published author.


Speak of the Devil

Eileen Dreyer and Allison Leotta couldn’t be more different, but their love of writing is the bond.  Eileen was a trauma nurse for 18 years and started writing medical romance, suspense and now historicals.  She does her research well by taking the courses for SWAT, hostage negotiation and weapons training.  Allison was a Federal Prosecutor specializing in sex crimes, domestic violence and crimes against children.  She writes thrillers about (no surprise) a female federal prosecutor.

It was fascinating to listen to their journeys to publication.  Eileen’s been at it since the 1980′s, while Allison’s third book in her series comes out soon.

I can’t wait to have 20 authors on stage tonight and ask them hard hitting questions.  The readers/writers in the audience will have a ball!

So, what do you think I should ask them?

Bottom Line:  The door prizes for attending the library event last night was 2 tickets to my Reader’s Luncheon, given out by the library.  Isn’t that cool?