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Put Me in the Story

Barbara Vey -- November 21st, 2012

It probably comes as no surprise to you that my kids grew up around books.  I joined the Disney book club and had books delivered every month.  While other parents took their kids to the mall for toy stores, we hung around in book stores.  We were constantly at the library and I kid that I helped build it with all my overdue fines.

One day I discovered the adventure books that you could order to put your child in the story.  You filled out a form with their name, friends names, pet name and street you lived on.  Your child could go on an adventure in outer space, under the sea, with animals and even have a birthday party.  I ordered them all.  Of course, we read them until they fell apart.

Now Sourcebooks has developed an app for the iPad that works on the same principle, Put Me in the Story.  I had to try it out immediately.  I downloaded the app and saw a free book was offered.  Once I got the book, I could add in a child’s name (I picked my grandniece, Addy, 3) and also who it was from (Auntie Barb).  I just had to run over to her house and show her.

Addy adored it.  Her friend, Lily was there and it was challenging to hold the iPad while those little fingers wanted to press everything.  Yes, the book not only tells a little story, it has animation, things to move around and lights to turn on and off.  Their favorite parts were the barking dog, purring cat, bicycle that has a bell that dings and changing a picture from night to day and back.  You can even post to Twitter and Facebook from it.

Screen shot of the opening of the book

Screen shot of the opening of the book

While I read it several times to them (cause that’s just how kids like books read to them…over and over and over again), there are also options to have the book read to them or for them to read the book themselves.  You also have an opportunity to order a hard copy of the book if you want.

“There’s nothing more special than bedtime reading,” Sourcebooks founder Dominique Raccah told PW. “The question was, could we make that an even more creative experience? We took great stories people already love and added a magical element: you. It builds an amazing bond between parent and child.”  You can read the whole PW article here.

Right now there are three books available, but download the free one and see how the child in your life likes it.  Let me know what you think too. I had to wrestle my iPad away from the girls, but passed the app info on to their mothers.

Did you ever order a special made book for your child?  Would this be something you’d give to a child?

BTW, the winner of Book Marketing, Book Trailers and Author Etiquette in a Nutshell by Sheila Clover English and myself, from yesterday’s blog is Kate Rothwell!  Congratulations Kate, please send me (bvey@publishersweekly.com) your email address so I can have the ebook sent to you and thanks to everyone for stopping by.  And a special thanks to all of you who ordered the book because it has jumped up to #7 on Amazon.  Unbelievable!!

Bottom Line:  I have to admit that I had my fingers in that book too…I loved making the kitty purrrr.