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Romance: PW Magazine Issue

Barbara Vey -- October 24th, 2012

Attention all of you involved in the romance industry.  Publishers Weekly’s Romance issue will be out next month and they are asking for input from you.  Here’s your chance to have your voice heard.

You only have until tomorrow, so put this on the top of your to do list today.  Please feel free to pass this information on to everyone who may be interested in participation.

Feature: Romance

Issue: November 12
Deadline: October 25
Needed: Editors’ and publishers’ comments on new and resurgent trends in romance, especially erotic romance (looking beyond the “50 Shades” phenomenon), PG-rated romances for the mainstream (non-inspirational) market, and the increased popularity and availability of gay, bi, and ménage romance. Pub dates October 2012 through June 2013. Cross-genre, digital-first/digital-only, and literary titles welcome, but no YA, please. Send quotable comments–not catalog copy–to Rose Fox at rfox@publishersweekly.com.

Bottom Line:  You know you want to be quoted in a magazine.