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Pole Dancing at the Library

Barbara Vey -- January 21st, 2013

I really have to thank joysann for posting this on Facebook the other day.  As many of you know, joysann works at a library, so this has special meaning for her.,



The Huffington Post reported that libraries have been trying new ways to get patrons into their libraries, but this one is a doozy, even in my book.  Pole dancing classes!

Magic Mike Moves

The public library is in Scotland and according to the Huffington Post, “The event will take place on “Love Your Library Day,” and is described as “pole fitness.” Local musicians will also be performing that day.”

My library never has a pole dancing day.  The most excitement we get is from Chuckles the clown and he actually scares me more than entertains me.  Maybe there could be a Magic Mike Day where male dancers can give fitness lessons.  I’m sure they’d have a packed house.

Any other suggestions to get people into libraries?

Bottom Line:  I tried pole dancing on a party bus once…it wasn’t pretty.