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Ellora’s Cave RomantiCon 2011-The Time Machine

Barbara Vey -- October 6th, 2011

joysannEllora's Cave Wines

Hi! Cub reporter joysann here. Having recovered from a fabulous weekend, I can tell about this special event.

Ellora's Cave Wines

Ellora’s Cave Publishing publishes romance fiction they call Romantica® that reads from a little curl of steam to sizzling hot erotica, and has a tremendous following of readers. This was the 3rd RomantiCon, an event they host for their authors and devoted fans. Held in Akron, Ohio, which is their home, they throw one amazing affair. For the early-birds who arrived already on Thursday evening, there was a Meet & Greet where there were lots of happy reunions of old friends and acquaintances, and excited introductions to new ones. To get festivities started at this soiree, we enjoyed the several wines bottled with Ellora’s Cave own label.

Authors Francesca Hawley & Cris Anson

Friday and Saturday mornings started bright and early with workshop sessions that kept readers entertained throughout the day while authors were busy learning to improve their profession. Work sessions included subjects about character development, understanding contracts, collaborating and co-authoring, writing steam-punk, and much more. Meanwhile, on a lighter note, there were colorful and flavorful sessions geared for entertainment and games for Grown-Ups.

Popular among these were demonstrations of burlesque and pole dancing by Cleveland Exotic Dance to encourage healthy and fun exercise for everyday women. I learned that the provocative skimpy costumes and flashy vinyl of the pole dancers aren’t for Show & Tell… Okay, sure they are, but also bare skin and vinyl are effective for a good, safe grip on the pole. Who knew? With the strength and control of gymnasts, the women were amazing.

Cavemen with authors Mari Freeman, Samantha Kane & Kristin Daniels

RomantiCon’s theme this year was The Time Machine, which took us back to the Stone Age for dinner and dancing on Friday evening, and most everyone revealed their inner neanderthal, dressing for the occasion.

EC's Original Covermodels CJ Hollenbach & Shannon Smith

There was a whole lot of animal print and faux fur, and lots of fun. And what would the EC Stone Age be without Ellora’s Cavemen? These handsome cover models provided floor show dance entertainment that was well appreciated by an audience mostly made up of women, all of whom have broad imaginations. Gentlemanly and friendly, these young men steal the show when they’re about.

Author Kathy Kulig & me

Author Tiffany Bryan

Saturday evening we traveled to the future for the Awards Banquet, and here the authors and readers outdid themselves with their creativity. The costumes were wonderful, each more surprising and delightful than the next. I shot so many pictures my camera could take no more, and I wish I could share them all here. I’m sure photos can be searched for on the internet, posted by dozens of happy space travelers and alien creatures and steam-punk aristocrats.

Author Paige Tyler & husband Paul

Readers Leola & Linda

The EC editors and staff invented many delightful awards for their authors based on features of stories that caught their attention, such as the “Tackle That Quarterback Award”, and “Not-So-Little Blue Men Award”, and “Voodoo Zombie Lover Award”. All are given and received with good humor, laughter and appreciation. With more performances by the Cavemen, including an outdoor firedance (brrrr), the evening was a great success.

Author Koko Brown & Sienna Mynx

Author Tara Nina

Sunday’s successful Book Signing was unusual with entertainment and door prizes galore. The ever-appealing Cavemen danced again, and observers were fascinated and awed by performances given by the exotic dancers.

Cavemen Rodney Chatman & Angelo Riguero

The whole of the exciting event closed with the increasingly popular Pizza & Bingo party on Sunday evening, this time a pajama party, and hosts Cavemen Rodney Chatman and Angelo Riguero gave a whole new entertainment value to the mundane game of bingo.

Where do I sign up for next year?

Bottom Line: Best tip I got this weekend came from author Mari Freeman: Never claim to be younger than you are; admit to being years older and people will be amazed at how fabulous you look.


WW Ladies Book Club Blurbs

Barbara Vey -- March 17th, 2011

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  The WW Ladies Book Club is back this week with their reads.  Just a reminder to check Monday’s blog to see if you are a winner of any of the prizes because the deadline is March 20th or you will forfeit the giveaway.  Now, raise your glass!




Dead Sexy by Paige Tyler

read by joysann

Selfish, egotistical, callous Drake Parrish gets his comeuppance when a voodoo curse makes him mostly dead some of the time, causing him to become reclusive and begin a new career as a ghostwriter. When popular author Simone Kent is suffering from writer’s block, her agent suggests she contact Drake to help her get started on her new book. More than her writing ignites when the two meet, and together they face off against the voodoo priestess to remove the zombie curse.

I got drawn in right from the start when I so wanted to see that jerk get his. Most likely, somewhere inside every jerk there must be something redeemable, and Paige Tyler finds good qualities in Drake, making him a likable and sympathetic hero. Dead Sexy is a fun, exciting, and very sexy romance with a clever concept that warmed up some cold winter hours for me.




Tyler by CH Admirand

Read by Stacey

Tyler Garahan is stuck between a rock and well…a hard place.  His one shot at saving his family’s ranch involves baring it all as the main attract5ion at a ladies lounge.  He finds himself tangled up in love and secrets; not wanting to tell his brothers about what he does at nights nor does he wish to tell the readhead he’s fallen in love with about how deep in debt he and his family are.  When a campaign to drive the bar out of business gets dangerous, Tyler must bare his secrets, or risk loosing everything he loves.

Tyler has to grab a reader right from the beginning, his namesake story won’t work otherwise.  But CH Admirand manages, in those first few pages, to show Tyler’s soul and his spirit.  And that, as well as the strength and love of Emily and her co-owners, gives readers a tale, and a hero, that they won’t want to let go of.



On the Ropes by Tom Schreck

Read by Michelle

Duffy Dombrowski is a full-time social worker and part-time boxer that finds himself saddled with a flatulent basset hound and a caseload of amusing characters.  His friends include a cop, a doctor and the fearsome foursome who frequent AJ’s bar on a nightly basis.  When a client is murdered, Duffy finds himself delving into a world of terrorism and child pornography.  He has to wrestle with his ethics to do the right thing and the barriers imposed by those exploiting the weaknesses of others.

I fell in love with this hilarious cast of characters as they plodded along in their relatively ordinary lives.  I enjoyed the suspense, plot twists and sarcastic humor.  A great read and it is the first in a series of three.



Loose Ends by Tara Janzen

Read by Stacey

Conroy Farrel, aka J.T. Chronopolous, comes to Denver to break an associate out of the prison she’s in…at the Steele Street headquarters.  Of course, the chop shop boys (and girls) have a plan of their own to bring their lost boy back at any cost.  But when Con aka J.T. finds his way into Jane X’s car, it sets off a chain reaction that brings the Steele Street family together to face the toughest opponent they’ve ever known.

Where do I start?  Where can I start?  Loose ends is the last book in a series I’ve avidly followed since a friend shoved the first book in my hands almost two years ago.  It was good in a way that I didn’t want it to be; left me wanting more that I knew wasn’t coming.  Tara Janzen’s trademark prose, loveable characters along with a story that didn’t let up, not even for a second, helped her send this series and these characters out with a Bang ….


Déjà Vu by Fern Michaels

Listened to by Linda

This is the 19th book in a series about the “Sisterhood”, a group of women of various ages and backgrounds who accomplish what the FBI, CIA and Homeland security could not – deal with their # 1 Enemy,  Hank Jellicoe. He has alluded all the agencies by changing his appearance and laying low  –  but the President wants him caught.  The Sisterhood decides it is finally time to come out of retirement and  bring him to justice. The women bring their special talents and insight to the problem – always dealing with obstacles before them in a straightforward, humorous, and inventive manner. The plan to capture their nemesis is laid - success is the goal.

Fern Michaels is one of my favorite authors. I find her books entertaining, funny and the characters are well developed. It was great fun listening to the plan develop.  Readers are critical to the enjoyment of the listener – in this case they really hit the mark.



Call Me Irresistible by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Listened to by joysann

Gorgeous, well-adjusted Ted Baudine is marrying his perfect match, Lucy Jorik, until he isn’t. Meg Karanda is Lucy’s best friend and maid of honor, and just can’t let Lucy make this huge mistake and talks her out of it. When Lucy takes off, Meg is left behind in Ted’s small Texas town, broke and scorned, and, for the first time, responsible for herself. Everywhere she turns, there is an angry Ted, determined to make her miserable, until he determines to make her his.

These characters are all off-springs of the wonderfully volatile and romantic matches made in Fancy Pants, First Lady, and Glitter Baby, and it is rewarding to visit these charismatic families again, with the kids all grown up. Call Me Irresistible is as charming, emotionally provocative, and romantic as we’ve come to expect, and I love it. Predictably, this book adapts to an audio version exceptionally well, and narrator Shannon Cochran gives a delightful and captivating performance.

Bottom Line: Green beer and rivers died green…just be careful out there.