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A Memory of Light

Barbara Vey -- February 25th, 2013


Hi There. joysann here. Have you experienced this?

This morning I’m looking at a huge audiobook case with 33 disks in it. I have been dying to get this book, and I’m certain I’m going to love it. Yet I’m looking at the box here with trepidation and hesitate to get started.

What I’m looking at is the VERY LAST book in a series into which I’ve invested years, twelve of them, at least. The series is Robert Jordan‘s Wheel of Time. It’s a wonderful sword and sorcery fantasy epic that has enthralled millions, including me. Here it is, something I’ve been waiting for… The. Very. Last. Book. I’m feeling reluctant and a little sorrowful about listening to it. When I do, it’s all over. And that makes me sad.

Robert Jordan passed away in 2007 with the story incomplete. But his estate contracted celebrated fantasy author Brandon Sanderson to use the notes and plans that Jordan left behind to complete the series the way he intended. Sanderson wrote the last couple of books, and I have been very happy with the results, and think he’s done justice to Jordan’s work. Since the release of A Memory of Light in early January this year, I have completely avoided any reviews or spoilers regarding this last book for I want only my opinions in my head. I want the wonder of it all for myself.

Another part of my regret involves the audiobook itself. All fourteen books in the series have been read by two fantastic narrators, Michael Kramer and Kate Reading. These two have faithfully rendered the characters the same way with the same voices for all of these years, and they are wonderful to listen to. I have listened to all 30-something disks of each book at least twice, and I know that I will go back through the whole series again some day, just for the comfort of listening.

But this is the last book. I’m almost afraid to start it, and afraid for it to end. I’m thrilled and sad, all at the same time.

Book 14 of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time, A Memory of Light by Brandon Sanderson, audiobook from MacMillan Audio, read by Michael Kramer and Kate Reading.

Bottom Line: Once I start this, DON’T BOTHER ME. I’m busy!