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Matt Hilton Brings Joe Hunter to the US

Barbara Vey -- January 20th, 2012
Matt Hilton

Matt Hilton

Author Matt Hilton visited Milwaukee this week all the way from the UK.  Being a BBC fan, listening to historicals on audio and wanting to visit Scotland (on my bucket list), I was thrilled to just listen to him talk.  Yes, I’m a goner when it comes to accents (and no we don’t have accents in Wisconsin).  But Matt Hilton proved he was more than a pretty voice.

BV:  Matt, did you come to the US just for the book tour of  Crash and Burn?

MH:  Yes.

BV:  What has been your favorite part of the tour?

MH: Meeting old friends and new readers.

BV:  And your least favorite part?

MH:  The flights.  I’m a nervous flyer and it was 8 hours in the plane.

BV:  Is your family with you?

MH:  My wife is with me, but my son, Jordan had to stay home and work at the bookstore.

BV:  You’re a former police office, so did you model your main character, Joe Hunter, on yourself?

MH:  How I wished to be, but I’m too nice.  Although, we do share some traits such as martial arts.

BV: The cover quote compares Joe Hunter to Jack Reacher, how do you feel about that?

MH:  I’m pleased as punch.  I didn’t set out to write a Jack Reacher.  I was reinventing the 1970s, more like Robert Crais.

BV:  Who would win in a fight…Joe Hunter or Jack Reacher?

Max Martini as Joe Hunter?

Max Martini as Joe Hunter?

MH:  Joe Hunter, although I’d rather Joe just asked him to sit down for a cigarette and coffee.

BV:  Where is Joe Hunter more popular…here or in the UK?

MH:  Right now in the UK because I’m on book 7 in the series.  There have only been 3 books published here.

BV:  Have the books become harder to write?

MH:  Easier because I feel I know what the readers want.

BV:  Are the UK and US versions different?

MH:  Yes, for the US the books were Americanized to make the voice more mid-Atlantic I  added a prolog.

BV:  What made you become a writer?

MH:  I was a boxer, did martial arts and worked as a police officer.  I had a family to support and bills to pay.  My daughter, who was 17, was my first reader loved my book and encouraged me to keep writing.  When she passed away 5 years ago, I reassessed my life concentrated on the writing.

Here’s the Drive By Video I did with Matt at the Comet Cafe.


Bottom Line:  I’ve invited Matt back to the US for my Reader’s Appreciation Luncheon next year…keep your fingers crossed.