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New Releases Tuesday!

Barbara Vey -- October 29th, 2013

new releases

It just wouldn’t be Tuesday without finding out the terrific books released today.  Be sure to check to see if you were a winner in the Mills & Boon giveaway on last Friday’s blog.  You have to email me with your address.

Today’s giveaway is brought to you by Kensington Publishing.  In honor of Trick or Treating, just comment with your favorite candy (or other special treat) for a chance to win some terrific Kensington titles.





Just Like Other Daughters (Colleen Faulkner) ARC








Just Like Other Daughters by Colleen Faulkner (Kensington Publishing)

Devilishly Wicked by Kathy Love (Brava / Kensington Publishing)

Pelican Point by Donna Kauffman (Kensington Publishing)

n427467THOREAU AT DEVILS PERCHNotable-Marni-Bates






Notable by Marni Bates (Kteen / Kensington Publishing)

Thoreau At Devil’s Perch by B.B. Oak (Kensington Publishing)

Blood Curse by Sharon Page (Aphrodisia / Kensington Publishing)


10-29-13Wyoming Bold10-29-13A Fool's Gold Christmas 10-29-13A Kiss Under the Mistletoe





A Kiss Under the Mistletoe by Jennifer Basye Sander (Harlequin)

Wyoming Bold by Diana Palmer (Harlequin)

A Fool’s Gold Christmas by Susan Mallery (Harlequin)


10-29-13RealmWalker finalThe-Last-Runaway






The Last Runaway by Tracy Chevalier (Plume / November)

Storm Demon By Gregory Lamberson (Medallion Press)

Realm Walker by Kathleen Collins (Carina Press)

10-29-13BattleScarsFinal10-29-13Trancehack 10-29-13UndeadChaos





Battle Scars by Sheryl Nantus (Carina Press)

Trancehack by Sonya Clark (Carina Press)

Undead Chaos by Joshua Roots (Carina Press)

10-29-13Holiday Kisses 10-29-13If You Were Mine10-29-13Take Me Home for Christmas





Holiday Kisses by Alison KentJaci BurtonHelenKay DimonShannon Stacey (Harlequin)

If You Were Mine by Bella Andre (Harlequin)

Take Me Home for Christmas by Brenda Novak (Harlequin)

10-29-13Sleigh Bells In the Snow10-29-13Upon a Winter's Night 10-29-13The Perfect Match






Upon A Winter’s Night by Karen Harper (Harlequin)

Sleigh Bells in the Snow by Sarah Morgan (Harlequin)

The Perfect Match by Kristan Higgins (Harlequin)

10-29-13One Night with the Laird10-29-13Candlelight Christmas10-29-13Christmas in Snowflake Canyon







Christmas in Snowflake Canyon by RaeAnne Thayne (Harlequin)

One Night with the Laird by Nicola Cornick (Harlequin)

Candlelight Christmas by Susan Wiggs (Harlequin)

10-29-13tn_Rumours that Ruined a Lady







The Young and the Submissive (Doms of Her Life 2) by Shayla Black, Jenna Jacob, Isabella LaPearl   (Dream Words, LLC)

Rumors That Ruined A Lady by Marguerite Kaye www.margueritekaye.com (Mills&Boon)

His Third Wife by Grace Octavia  (Dafina / Kensington Publishing)











Barefoot by the Sea by Roxanne St. Claire (Forever, Mass Market)

Once She Was Tempted by Anne Barton (Forever, Mass Market)

Once a Rake by Eileen Dreyer  (Forever, Mass Market)








Accidentally in Love With…A God? by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff (Forever, Mass Market)

Wild Man by Kristen Ashley (Forever, Mass Market)

Bottom Line:  I bought Trick or Treat candy yesterday and ate it already…need to go back to the store…rats!!

Rose’s Bookhouse: 50 Shades of Naughty

Barbara Vey -- December 3rd, 2012
T-shirt given away by Eliza Lloyd

T-shirt given away by Eliza Lloyd

Saturday night, Rose’s Bookhouse hosted a sold out booksigning that featured erotica authors.  Billed as Naughty & Nice II: 50 Shades of Naughty, it was obvious that this genre is the Twilight for adults.

Since I’m visiting in St. Louis, my daughter-in-law attended with me and it was her first booksigning event.  We came a half an hour early so I could meet with some of the authors before the event started and were amazed by the enormous line formed out the door.  It stretched past the building and into the parking lot.  This group was ready to do some serious book buying and meet their favorite authors.

Beth Kery Signing

Beth Kery Signing

I was thrilled to catch up with two readers who attended my Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Luncheon in April.  I asked them how they heard about it since they live in St. Louis and I’m in Milwaukee.  They said an author linked to it on their website and they planned to come again next year because they had an amazing time.  It feels good to know people enjoyed it.



Then I asked readers what it was about the genre that put this event on their “to do” list.

Betty, 63:  “It’s like the taboo subject that’s now in the open and seeing so many others who enjoy the same thing I do.”

Sue, 25:  “I came with my friends for a girl’s night out and waiting in line together is half the fun.”

Mary, 38:  “My mom and I came.  She’s actually the one who gave me the 50 Shades of Grey book and I was shocked to get it from her, but now we laugh about it.”

Renee, 36:  “I like to read all kinds of books and since this is right in my own backyard, I wanted the chance to meet some authors.”

Michelle, 42:  “My girlfriend came last year and so we decided to make a night of it.  She even saw some people from last year.”

Sylvia Day getting to know her readers

Sylvia Day getting to know her readers

While all the authors (Shayla Black, Jaci Burton, Shiloh Walker, Beth Kery, Eliza Lloyd and Cassandra Gold) had sizable lines, Sylvia Day’s was by far the longest with the line forming all the way around the room.  This New York Times Bestselling author has her second book out in the Crossfire series, Reflected in You which debuted at #1 on the Times list and has her fans clamoring for the next one.


Bottom Line:  There was food, drink, friendships and great reads.  What more could you ask for in a night out?

Free Giveaways

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WW Ladies Book Club Blurbs

Barbara Vey -- May 31st, 2012

Don’t forget that today is the last day to bid on items from Brenda Novak’s Auction for Diabetes.  I’m offering a day on the blog and lunch with James Rollins at next year’s Barbara Vey Readers Luncheon.  Check out the hundreds of offerings all donated for a great cause.  Now check out the WW Ladies latest reads.




Tricks of the Trade by Laura Anne Gilman

Read by joysann

The Private Unaffiiated Paranormal Investigators (or PUPI) have two cases to solve, so this small team of extraordinary Talents share duties to discover a killer of a non-human, and to investigate the bizarre burglary/vandalism of a wealthy man’s home, neither crime one with which the ordinary law enforcement wants to deal. Bonnie Torres finds her investigative talents hampered, or perhaps enhanced, by the uncontrolled interaction between her magic and that of one of the Big Dog’s, her boss Ben Venec. Regardless, the PUPI’s have to face a powerful supernatural trickster before an evil is leashed upon the city.

The World of the Cosa Nostradamus is a magical place that I’ve enjoyed before in L A Gilman’s Retrievers series, a world that clings pretty close to Manhattan. This independent series has a slightly different, somewhat less edgy quality to it, and it’s easy to read with very likable characters. It’s a fascinating place to visit, mysterious, suspenseful, exciting, and I’m looking forward to the 4th book, Dragon Justice, coming out this summer.




Taking a Shot by Jaci Burton

Read by Stacey

Jenna Riley has had enough of sports.  Despite the fact that her siblings play professional sports…and she manages the family sports bar.  Unfortunately, she can’t deny that Ty Anderson pushes all of her buttons.  Ty himself shows no sign of giving up on her, and the childhood dreams of a music career she’d lost forever.  With Ty by her side, she will search within herself and discover whether or not she has the strength to seize the happiness within her grasp. If she can get past the fact that the blazingly sexy Ty is a pro hockey player.

Scorching Sex and a tale that gives readers a hint that a good relationship is about support as well as lust? Sign me up, especially when the on-ice action gets as hot as it is in the bedroom.  I’m glad my need for a hockey story during the midst of the Stanley Cup playoffs drew me to this one, because I now have a huge Jaci Burton backlist to read! I have definitely scored!




Starters by Lissa Price

Read by Sophie, 16

Since the Spore Wars killed her parents, along with the rest of the population ages 20 to 60, Callie Woodland has been squatting in abandoned buildings with her little brother, Tyler, who has a lung defect that makes everything more difficult for him, and her best friend, Michael, a boy whose existence she was only just aware of until they allied for survival reasons.  Between the renegades who would kill you for just a single bite of something to eat and the Marshalls who, if they catch you, will take you to an Institution (which is really just a euphemism for prison), not to mention the lack of running water, food, heat, and money, Callie, Michael, and Tyler have been living a hard life.  Then Callie finds out about Prime Destinations, a company with technology that gives an Ender (someone over 60 years of age) the ability to inhabit the body of a Starter (someone under 20 years of age) for as long as a month at a time, and decides that, as scary as it sounds, it was worth what Prime Destinations would pay her—so count her in.  Callie signs a contract for three rentals, her ability level adding a bonus to her paycheck, and is on her way to big bucks—but when she wakes up from the last rental, it’s not over, and Mrs. Winterhill has planned to do a lot more than party while in Callie’s body.


This book was gripping from start to finish!  After one chapter, I just wanted to know more, more, more—putting it down was almost painful!  Lissa Price’s creativity flourishes in telling about the future, and her characters and cliff-hangers have me eagerly awaiting the release of the second book!





Third Grave Dead Ahead by Darynda Jones

Listened to by joysann

Charley Davidson, private investigator and Grim Reaper, is hired to find a missing woman, but it’s a task woefully hampered by her lack of sleep. She’s warding off slumber by any measure, because every time she dozes off she’s thrown into realistically vivid sexual dreams with the gorgeous Reyes Farrow, the son of Satan. Not that he’s really there – yet; he’s plotting to escape prison and joining her to protect her from demons far worse than he.

I thoroughly enjoy these Grim Reaper books by Darynda Jones. It’s such an imaginative concept, and Charley’s problems are so unusual. Third Grave is fast, intriguing, sexy, with chucklingly good humor. Listening to the book read by Lorelei King only makes it better.




Season for Temptation by Theresa Romain

Read by Stacey

When James, Viscount Matheson, meets Julia, his fiance’s sister, sparks fly.  But Louisa is perfect, proper and carries the dowry he needs to manage his estate.  And yet James and Julia find themselves spending a great deal of time together.  And as society tongues start to wag, Julia and James must discover whether what they have is just a flirtation, or if it is something worth breaking every single society rule for.

Such an adorable and well told tale! I loved how easy it was to get lost in the characters, their emotions and their world. Getting parts of the story from the perspective of each of the characters was an extra special treat,and went a long way towards fully bringing me into the story. I cannot wait until book 2. Kudos to Theresa Romain.
Bottom Line:  Today is Hug Your Cat Day and from what I see on the internet, there are a kazillion cat lovers out there…lots of hugging going on today.