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Winners of the Mills & Boon Giveaway

Barbara Vey -- October 25th, 2013


Please check the following list to see if you are a winner in the Mills & Boon Giveaway.  If you see your name, please send me your street address and Mills & Boon will mail you your prize.  barbaravey @gmail.com  You have one week to claim your prize.

Rachel Willmer
jenny st. g
vicki batman
shari anton
joan gray
joanne b
alisha woods
barbara g
elena l
amanda ward
jan terry
marcy shuler
b bradley
kent weltkamp
susan in az
m bourke
sue larson
colleen C
Vicki J
Stephanie Kilgore
Elle Miller
kathy nye
ali williams
Robin Greene
erin K
connie fischer
pat jeanne davis
donna marie merritt
colleen c
kiera bruce
ali williams
sally shupe
maria popovics
lynne marshall
sue l
loretta rogers
blurbette heidi

Congratulations!  You’ll love your gift from Mills & Boon. And many thanks to Mills & Boon for the donations.

Bottom Line:  Thanks for coming on my UK journey with me!

Historical Hookups

Barbara Vey -- October 8th, 2013


My deepest apologies to Author Anne Barton, Jessica Bromberg and Grand Central Books.  I was supposed to run this piece yesterday and totally got caught up in my birthday.  No excuse.  And to make up for it, let’s have 2 winners today of terrific historicals.  Just post, “I love historicals!”

So, here now, is what was supposed to be the kick-off story.  Here’s Grand Central’s  description of the event:

We are doing a fun historical challenge we’re calling “historical hookups” where 5 of our historical authors (with books out Sept and Oct) each write a 300-500 word piece based on the same general description of a character (ex: raven haired beauty, childless, cast out from her family). These “criteria” for the pieces are actually being chosen by FANS and will showcase how each author’s style is so vastly different even with the same starting pieces of information.


Miss Sarah Gray’s hands were surprisingly steady—considering she was on the brink of committing a felony.

But her heart hammered as she crouched in a dimly lit corridor of The Albany, jiggling a silver gilt hair pin in the door lock of the Marquess of Westbury’s bachelor apartment. She glanced over her shoulder and swept a chestnut curl away from her face, then inserted the pin at a different angle.

This was only the second lock she’d attempted to pick—the first had been her own, for practice, a few hours ago. That had gone swimmingly. But this lock was newer, the key hole was smaller, and—
Click. Thank God. She was two for two.

The brass handle turned easily, the door swung open, and Sarah almost tumbled into the apartment. Or the dragon’s lair, as she preferred to think of it. She’d never met the marquess, but on the few occasions she’d seen him from afar, his face was a thundercloud. A knee-meltingly handsome thundercloud, to be sure—but a thundercloud nonetheless.

And if he should happen to discover her here…well, she refused to dwell on the possibility. She was on a mission, and she simply had to succeed.

She quickly shut the door, then breathed in the scents of leather, brandy and books as her eyes adjusted to the dark. She found a candle on a small table in the entryway and lit it. A swift survey of the room revealed no risqué paintings, no lewd sculptures, nor any other obvious signs of debauchery. A bit disappointing, that. She’d hoped her first time in a bachelor’s apartment would prove at least a little enlightening.

But curiosity about the marquess mustn’t deter her from her goal. She had it on good authority cover34972-smallthat he dined at his club every Thursday evening and—after enjoying a few drinks, no doubt—generally returned home at about half past ten.
Which left her less than thirty minutes to locate the watch.

Now, where would he keep the gold-plated piece that he’d heartlessly swindled from her dear papa? Did dark-tempered, titled gentlemen have trophy cases for such things? The sitting room had a full wall of open shelves, but few drawers or cabinets for personal affects.

No, the best hiding spots were, undoubtedly, in Lord Westbury’s bedchamber.

An open door revealed a massive bedpost and a glimpse of rumpled sheets. She hesitated, but the sooner she located the watch, the sooner she could depart, so she crossed the threshold and went directly to the bureau sitting against the far wall. The surface was bare, save for a small portrait of two boys—brothers perhaps?—and a pair of gloves. Very large gloves.

Feeling rather warm, she set the candle down, grasped the handles of the top drawer, and bit her lip. Part of her balked at rifling through a stranger’s private things, but to retrieve Mama’s precious gift to Papa, Sarah would have done worse.

Tamping down her guilt, she slid open the drawer and sifted through mounds of white and buff linen searching for the gold case engraved with her father’s initials. Stashed amid the neckcloths, handkerchiefs, and gloves she found calling cards, cufflinks—even a beach stone. Good heavens. One would think Lord Westbury couldn’t afford a valet.

Then, in a back corner, something glinted in the flickering light. She grabbed a fist full of linen with one hand and reached—


A hand clamped around her wrist and spun her around. “Who are you?” The marquess jerked her closer. “And what the hell are you doing in my bedchamber?”

Blast. She considered kicking him in the leg and attempting to run for the door, but his broad shoulders, long legs, and stormy countenance told her escape was nigh impossible. So, with a confidence she didn’t possess, she shrugged off her hood and raised her chin. “Miss Sarah Gray.”
   The marquess narrowed his cold, dark eyes. “Why does your name sound familiar?”

She blinked fast, feigning surprise. “I cannot imagine…oh, wait. Perhaps you recall my name from the two letters that I recently sent you”—she leaned forward till their chests were a mere inch apart—“letters which you ignored.”

“I don’t correspond with people I don’t know, Miss Gray.”

She clenched her teeth. “Now that introductions are out of the way, I have a question for you. Why did you steal my father’s watch?”

His grip on her wrist tightened. “I didn’t. He wagered it. I won it.”

“I want to purchase it back from you.”

Amusement flickered across his face. “Do you?”

“I possess a considerable fortune, Lord Westbury. Name your price.”

He pulled her hand between them and eyed her fist, still clutching a wad of linen. “Well, Miss Gray,” he said smoothly, “you might start by giving me back my drawers.”


I love that the readers got to pick the criteria.  Be sure to follow the rest of the series with Eileen Dreyer (10/8 on Dear Author) Lily Dalton (10/9 on USA Today), Jennifer Delamere (10/10 on Library Journal) and Elizabeth Hoyt (10/11 on Heroes and Heartbreakers.


Bottom Line:  “Never ruin an apology with an excuse.” ― Benjamin Franklin

BTW, New Releases will be in tomorrow’s blog.



Serial Novels: What’s Old is New Again

Barbara Vey -- September 23rd, 2013
Coreene Callahan

Coreene Callahan

I met the cheery, congenial, Canadian Coreene Callahan (now say that 3 times…fast, you know you want to) at RWA this year.  Her infectious smile and charm drew people to her and after chatting with her over coffee, it was easy to understand why.  She loves what she does and wants to share it with the world.


While we were talking, I could almost see the wheels turning in her head as she was thinking ahead to the next thing she wanted to try.  At the time she was experimenting with putting her book out there as a serial novel.  Readers would pay one price an get installments weekly.  I signed up to see what it was like and it reminded me a lot about what it was like watching “24″ every week.  You were left with a cliffhanger and had to wait to see what happened next.  While this idea isn’t new, it was the first time I experienced it with a book and I have to say I enjoyed it.  It was fun getting that email every week to let me know a new episode was waiting for me to open like a present on Christmas morning.  I had to find out what the experience was like for Coreene.

Warrior's Revenge/

BV:  You’ve written full length novels before. What made you put Warrior’s Revenge out as a serial novel?


CC:  In all honesty, I did it for my readers. I wanted to give them another story. Something fun and fast-paced to bridge the gap between the release of Fury of Seduction and Fury of Desire (Dragonfury series, books 3 and 4), but that also tied into Knight Awakened (Circle of Seven series, book 1). I thought Warrior’s Revenge would do that, adding a fun twist to summer reading. I’m happy to say, the feedback from readers has been amazing! Now I’m so very glad I took the plunge and put the book out as a serial novel for others to enjoy.

But what’s truly amazing is that Warrior’s Revenge has been re-released as a full length novel and is now available in all formats: print and e-book. The audiobook is coming soon too. So much fun!

BV:  How does a serialized novel work?


CC:  It’s really a great concept. A serial novel is a full length book broken up into episodes. In my case, Warrior’s Revenge had a total of ten episodes, one of which was released every week. Each Tuesday a new episode was automatically downloaded to the reader’s Kindle, so no muss, no fuss. But what I really like about serial novels is the price. You get an entire book for just a $1.99. Not per episode, but TOTAL…as in, pay once, get the whole story for $1.99! I love a good deal, and this has to be one of the best.


BV:  What has been the reaction of your readers?

CC:  The reaction, overall, was fantastic. Most of my readers loved the serial novel format, enjoying the added tension of having to wait to find out what happened next each week. Others didn’t like the format as much. They wanted the rest of the story NOW!…and I didn’t blame them. Some of the cliffhangers in the book are intense! So waiting for the next installment was difficult to do.
But in the end, most everyone fell in love with Brigham and Aurora, the main characters along with their story. The book is fast-paced and action-packed, but more than anything, it’s about two people struggling to find love, acceptance, and a second chance in a place where everything can—and usually does—go wrong.

BV:  You have a special problem with Amazon because you live in Canada.

.Serial Fiction
CC:  Ah, the problem! Here it is in a nutshell…
Although, the idea of serialized novels has been around a long time (think back to the Victorian era when Charles Dickens released stories one installment at a time), the serial novel is a fairly new concept for us. We haven’t seen stories in the romance genre released like this for a while and exploring new territory necessitates a little experimentation—i.e.: testing the story medium to see whether readers will enjoy it or not. Because of this, serial novels aren’t released as widely (across international platforms) the same way full length novels are at the moment. The program is still in its infancy and only available to those who live in the United States right now.
So back to the problem…because I don’t live in the US, I couldn’t get my own book! Odd, I know, but there’s an upside too. After just ten weeks, the serial novel phase of Warrior’s Revenge ended, and now I (along with everyone else!) can read the entire book all at once.

BV:  Would you consider doing it again?

CC:  I really enjoyed releasing Warrior’s Revenge as a serial novel. The experience challenged me in interesting ways, and although the pace was frenetic, I think it made me a stronger storyteller and a better writer. Always a good thing. So yes, I would consider writing another down the line…with one caveat. I would want any future serial novels I write made available to all my readers, which means internationally. It’s important to me that everyone have access to my books, no matter where they live. That’s only fair, right? :-)


Thanks Coreene for joining me today.  The good news is that your book is available for everyone, everywhere now.  As a special surprise, Coreen has graciously offered to give away a copy of Warrior’s Revenge to one lucky reader.  Just put “Warrior’s Revenge” in the comments section and a winner will be announced tomorrow.  The winner must contact the author in one week or forfeit the prize.


Bottom Line:  “Serial novels have an unexpected effect; they hook the writer as well as the reader.” ~ Alexander McCall Smith

New Releases This Week

Barbara Vey -- August 28th, 2013

new releases

As promised, here are the new releases for this week.  This feature will be on Tuesdays starting next week.  All new releases can be sent to maggiemaepw @ gmail.com with New Release in the subject line.

This is the schedule I’m striving to maintain starting on Monday on so you’ll know what to expect every day.  WW Ladies will be Friday this week.

Monday and Friday:  Blogs about news, books, conferences, rants and Cub Reporters  (Don’t forget to let me know about giveaways or free books by emailing maggiemaepw @ gmail.com for inclusion on Monday’s blog.)

Tuesday:  New Releases

Wednesday:  WW Ladies Book Club

Thursday:  New Feature – Authors recommend books they’ve enjoyed (Authors send your recommendations to maggiemaepw @ gmail.com with Recommendations in the subject line.)

If you need any other info including contact info, where to send books, Reader’s Luncheon, Romance Webcasts and Podcasts, check out my website at barbaravey.com

Complete Me


As a special treat today, Random House has offered a special give away, gift basket giveaway for J Kenner’s COMPLETE ME – part of her NYT bestselling series featuring Damien Stark.  Just leave the comment, “Complete Me!” for a chance to win.  I’ll post the winner tomorrow with a contact email for Random House and they will directly send the gift basket to you!



Now here’s the books premiering this week:

The Lotus PalaceTHE LOTUS PALACEImmortally Ever After
by Jeannie Lin
Release Date: 8/27/13

by Angie Fox
Release Date: 8/27/13
Publisher:  St. Martin’s Press



Notorious AthertonNOTORIOUS ATHERTONDangerous Curves Ahead
by Patricia Rice
Release Date: August 27 ebook Oct 8 print
Publisher: Indie

by Sugar Jamison
Pub Date: 8/27/2013
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press


License to LoveLICENSE TO LOVE
by Gina Robinson
Pub Date: 8/27/2013
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

By Lauren Layne
Release Date: 8/26/13
Publisher: Random House







Layout 1Don’t forget to register for the Romance Webcast on September 17th.  It’s FREE and you can listen live or later on iTunes.  Featured panelists from Harlequin, Sourcebooks and Kensington will be on hand to discuss heroes, love of romance, ebooks and more.  You’ll also have a chance to submit your questions during the life webcast and follow along on Twitter with #romancereads.



Bottom Line:  You shouldn’t make excuses for NOT reading a book, you should make excuses TO read a book.