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Meet Gin & Tonic

Barbara Vey -- October 16th, 2012

You all know how much I enjoy flying.  I always seem to get lucky enough to sit next to someone interesting on the plane.  Flying home from Atlanta last night, I met Brian.  He’s a charming and delightful flight attendant for AirTran and travels a lot himself.


Gin & Tonic enjoying Jack Daniels

Gin & Tonic enjoying Jack Daniels

Here’s the fun part.  Whenever Brian travels with his friend, they bring along these tiny Barbie dolls (kind of like Polly Pockets) and pose them wherever they are.  Their names are Gin and Tonic (which I think is a stitch).  Not only that, but they also have their very own Facebook page.  When I got home I tried to find it, but it seems there are a kazillion Facebook pages called Gin & Tonic, so Brian, if you are reading this, put your Facebook link in the comments.  Anyway, Gin & Tonic posed for me.  No, it wasn’t in a Gin and Tonic, but Jack Daniels and soda.  They didn’t seem to mind.


Our conversation eventually got around to books and Brian travels with a Nook that was fully loaded.  He’s currently reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline (which my son, Andrew, has said is a really good book).  Also on his list were Janet Evanovich, Drakula, and all three Fifty Shades of Grey books.  His take was, “Not a very well written book, but I felt I needed to read all three.”  That’s pretty compelling reading when you can overlook the not well written part.


Brian’s very favorite book is Racing in the Rain: My Life as a Dog by Garth Stein.  He highly recommends it and says it is funny and emotional.  Since he mentioned it several times, I promised to check it out.


Bottom Line:  Looking for new book suggestions?  Look no further than the person next to you.  You might be surprised to find a diamond.