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Back to School Special Bonanza!

Barbara Vey -- September 3rd, 2013


Back to school specialWell, it seems pretty official.  After perusing my Facebook pages, there are a multitude of back to school pictures from day care to college.  I know I always took one of my boys every year through high school.  They weren’t always thrilled, but I used my stock answer, “Because I’m the Mom!”  To celebrate all their bright futures, we’ll take a moment to give away some great reads, donated by the authors, to the adults who don’t have to go to school anymore.

Just type in “Time to read” in the comments section and you’ll be entered.  Tomorrow winners will be posted with the author’s email address so winners and writers can connect.  Good Luck to everyone.

And, because we are starting a day late this week, the new releases will be posted tomorrow.

Bell Bridge Books:  Barbara Samuel’s THE SLEEPING NIGHT (five copies) Women’s fiction, romance, 1940’s Texas
Sharon Sala’s MY LUNATIC LIFE (two copies) YA, paranormal mystery/romance
Deborah Smith’s THE CROSSROADS CAFÉ (two copies) women’s fiction, romance
Lindi Peterson’s RICH IN LOVE (one copy) inspirational romance
Jill Barnett’s trilogy, WICKED, WILD, WONDERFUL (1 copy of the set) historical romance

Lorraine Heath:  Lord of Wicked Intentions – 3 winners

Donna MacMeans:  The Casanova Code – 2 winners

Ava Miles:  NORA ROBERTS LAND and FRENCH ROAST – 3 of each title

Jeannie Lin:  THE LOTUS PALACE – 3 winners


Eileen Dreyer: Always A Temptress – 3 winners

Tonya Kappes:  A CHARMING CRIME – 5 winners

Sandy Blair:  The King’s Mistress – 2 winners, print or e-book.

Shirley Jump:  The Sweetheart Bargain

LuAnn McLane:  Playing for Keeps (the first Cricket Creek novel)  2 copies

Bobbi Miller:  Big River’s Daughter, Two Copies

Bekka Black:  iDrakulas – 3 winners

Lynn Chantale:  Traffic Stop – 3 books given away

Theresa Romain:  It Takes Two to Tangle

Sandra Bischoff:  Beyond the Sun – 3 copies given away

Susan Reinhardt:  Chimes from a Cracked Southern Belle.  Two copies given away

Amanda McIntyre:  Rugged Hearts (Book 1 in Kinnison series) Wild and Unruly (time-travel series), Fallen Angel (time-travel series) for 3 different winners

Evelyn David:  Murder Doubles Back and Lottawatah Fireworks – (10 total winners) 5 coupons for free ebook download from Smashwords – any ebook format.

Tina Glasneck:  Thou Shall Not – 20 ebook winners

Linda Robertson:  Vicious Circle (or any of the six in the series if the winner already has #1)
US shipping only, if possible.

Blythe Gifford:  Complete Brunson Clan trilogy (all three):  RETURN OF THE BORDER WARRIOR, CAPTIVE OF THE BORDER LORD, TAKEN BY THE BORDER REBEL – 2 winners

Gerri Brousseau:  A Pirate’s Ransom (Print copy) and to a second winner To Kill a Monarch (e-book only)

Donna Dalton:  Loving Byrne (3 books given away)

Liz Matis:  Love By Design – 1 audiobook download, 2 print copies, 2 eBook copies

Elena Greene:  Fly with a Rogue – 5 copies

Tori Scott:  Blame it on Texas, Blue Moon over Texas, The Bluest Eyes in Texas, and Beneath a Texas Star – 1 set of Books 1-4 of the Lone Star Cowboys series (ebook copies)

Anna Campbell
 1 book (international)

Maureen O. Betita:  A Caribbean Spell, Volume One (5 winners)

Shayne Leighton:  The Vampire’s Daughter (Of Light and Darkness #1), The Vampire’s Reflection (Of Light and Darkness #2) One signed copy of each installments in the series.


Suzanne Ferrell – KIDNAPPED, A Romantic Suspense Novel

Cindy Nord:  NO GREATER GLORY (Historical Romance) – 1 print copy and 1 eBook copy

Tarah Scott:  My Highland Love -One signed copy

Anna Sugden:  A Perfect Distraction – 2 winners.

Aurrora St. James:  Set in Stone – 5 winners

Terri Osburn:  MEANT TO BE (small town contemporary romance)

Virginia Cavanaugh:  The Fire Inside – 3 winners

Amy Goldman Koss:  The Not-So-Great Depression

Pamela DuMond:   Cupcakes, Lies, and Dead Guys (An Annie Graceland Mystery #1) Cupcakes, Sales, and Cocktails – A Novella (#2) Cupcakes, Pies, and Hot Guys (#3) The Messenger (Mortal Beloved, Book One) The Story of You and Me, The Girlfriend’s Guidebook to Staying Young: Simple Techniques to Look and Feel Young – 1 e copy (Mobi or e-pub) of each

Amanda Jayde:  Dark Moon Rising & Beneath the Blood Moon (e-book versions)

Tracy March:  Girl Three (romantic thriller) 2 trade paperback copies

Kelly Maher:  Duty & Desire: Military Erotic Romance – 3 winners

Suzanne Ferrell:  KIDNAPPED, Romantic Suspense

Jackie Ivie:  A PERFECT KNIGHT FOR LOVE (historical romance) – 2 winners

Robin Perini:  In Her Sights, Behind the Lies, Undercover Texas – 1 copy of each.

Ann Roth:  Rancher Daddy and Montana Doctor (1 of each)

Lynn Reynolds:  Thirty-Nine Again – chick lit romantic suspense
Love Capri Style – sexy contemporary romance set in Italy – One copy of each (any format)

Lisa Kessler: Moonlight (ebook) – 5 winners


Christyne Butler:  Flirting With Destiny – 3 winners

Sabrina York:  Adam’s Obsession (Erotica)

Mary Buckham:  Invisible Magic and Invisible Power (Urban Fantasy) 2 ebooks each or if US Resident 1 paperback book each

Stacey Joy Netzel:  Lost In Italy, Romancing Wisconsin Volume I, Stacey Joy Netzel Paranormal Collection – 6 winners

Lisa Renee Jones
:  IF I WERE YOU (BOOK 1 in INSIDE OUT SERIES) 10 books given away I

Chloe Neill:  THE DARK ELITE, BITING COLD, HOUSE RULES, and BITING BAD. (Set to 1 winner)

Alma Alexander:  Spellspam (Part of the Worldweavers series) – 3 paperback winners

Jules Bennett: BEHIND PALACE DOORS and HOLLYWOOD HOUSE CALL. 2 signed copies each.
4 winners

Donna Marie Merritt:  Her House and Other Poems

Karen Hudgins;  BEST MAN and WHEN HEARTS SPEAK – 2 winners

Kate Rothwell
:  Her Mad Baron, Powder of Sin, Love Between the Lines, and Someone to Cherish. 4 winners

Virginia Cavanaugh:  The Fire Inside – 3 winners

MJ Fredrick:  What (Not) to Expect When You’re Expecting – 3 winners

Katy Lee:  Warning Signs

Emma Jay:  Bridesmaids in Paradise – 2 winners

June Shaw:  RELATIVE DANGER (ebook)- 2 winners

Kris Yankee:  
Cracking the Code: Spreading Rumors (this is a middle-grade book)
 2 winners.

Linda Warren:  A Texas Hero – 2 winners

Chester D.Campbell:  The Poksu Conspiracy

Marie Tuhart:  In Plain Sight, Quick Silver Ranch: Roped & Ready, Quick Silver Ranch: Saddle Up,
His For The Weekend, More Than One Night, Hooked Up At the Wedding (anthology), Hooked Up The Game Plan (anthology) Total of 7 ebook winners

Alexis Harrington:  Home By Morning (ebook)- 10 winners

Edith Maxwell:  A Tine to Live, a Tine to Die

A.Y. Stratton:  1Buried Heart – 10 winners

Heather Lire:  Second Chance at Forever (ebook) – 5 winners

Sarah Richmond:  Brides of Serendipity – 5 winners

Barbara Wallace:  The Courage to Say Yes (HQ Romance) – 2 winners

Flossie Benton Rogers:  Wytchfae Runes (1 trade paperback copy)

Mingmei Yip:  The Nine Fold Heaven – 5 winners

Frankie Blooding:  Fall of Sky City

Maggie Barbieri:  Extra Credit – 2 winners

Amanda McCabe:  The Runaway Countess” (Book One–The Bancrofts of Barton Park) – 3 winners

Mahalia Levey:  Kiss Me Like You Mean It and Forbidden Deception – 2 winners

A GIFT FROM HOME – 1 winner for the set of 4 books

Katana Collins:  Soul Stripper – (Trade paperback)

Connie Mann:  Angel Falls – 3 winners (print, US/Canada only)

Eve Silver:  Rush (paperback) and Driven (ebook) – 2 winners

Marilyn Baron:  Under the Moon Gate

Shana Galen:  TRUE SPIES – 2 winners

Jana Oliver:  Tangled Souls (paranormal romance) – 4 winners and Briar Rose (a young adult retelling of Sleeping Beauty set in the South) – 3 winners

Eisley Jacobs:  Pieces of Me (YA Sci-Thriller) – 3 winners. A middle grade dragon series called Dragons forever. Born to be a Dragon, Blink of a Dragon, and  Dragons of the Deep (ebooks) – 2 winners

Rachel Kramer Bussel:  Only You: Erotic Romance for Women – 5 winners

Susan Spann
: CLAWS OF THE CAT: A Shinobi Mystery
 – 2 winners

Kathy Lyons:  Dream Nights with the CEO (ebook)

Jade Lee:  What The Bride Wore

Joya Fields:  Altered Frequency – 2 winners

Jennifer AlLee:  The Mother Road – 3 winners

Lauren Royal:  Reader’s choice of Amethyst, Emerald, Amber, Violet, Lily, Rose, Lost in Temptation, Tempting Juliana, or The Art of Temptation – 3 winners

Valerie Bowman:  Secrets of a Runaway Bride – 3 winners

Tawny Weber:   
A SEAL’s Seduction 
- 3 winners

Maureen Child:  SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL (ebooks) 3 winners

Susan Mallery:  FOOL’S GOLD COOKBOOK – 2 winners

Kate Carlisle:  A COOKBOOK CONSPIRACY (a Bibliophile Mystery hardcover)

Erin Quinn:  Haunting Warrior – 3 winners

J.T. Ellison:  A DEEPER DARKNESS, the 1st Dr. Samantha Owens novel, and an ARC of THE FINAL CUT, the 1st Nicholas Drummond novel with Catherine Coulter.

Georgie Lee
:  Hero’s Redemption

Joely Sue Burkhart:  Her Grace’s Stable (ebook) – 3 winners

Caren Crane:  Kick Start – 2 winners

Deborah Grace Staley;  What the Heart Wants, Angel Ridge Series

Gracen Miller:  Pandora’s Box (signed print)

Christine Verstraete
:  GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie
 (US winner only)

Cathy Spencer:  Tall Tales Twin-Pack, Mysteries and Tall Tales Twin-Pack, Science Fiction and Fantasy – 10 winners

Christina Brooke – LONDON’S LAST TRUE SCOUNDREL (Trade Paperback–Australian edition)

Ella Quinn: The Seduction of Lady Phoebe

Bottom Line:  You can’t win if you don’t enter!


Save the Date

Barbara Vey -- August 16th, 2013

Back to school special

Sometimes big ideas come from just a passing thought.  I’ve been noticing online the mad rush for parents to get their kids off to school for the start of the school year.  Whether they are going to kindergarten or college, there’s ton of stuff to buy and do.  Even if they aren’t parents, they still are bombarded by all the retail stuff.  But once the kids are settled in their routine, hopefully everyone has a few minutes to put their feet up and enjoy a book.

With that thought in mind, I thought it would be fun to do a Back to School Special.  I offered authors the chance to give their books away to grateful readers by posting my idea online.  Within 24 hours, over 100 authors responded with several hundred books.

So, this is a heads up to save the date, September 3rd (the day after Labor Day is when we started school when I was a child), for the Back to School Special.  Make sure you let everyone know it’s going to be happening because people hate missing giveaways.

Authors, if you have a book (print or ebook) to give away, send me an email (barbaravey@gmail.com) and include:

Your name
Your website link
Title of book
How many books you want to give away and the email address I can give the winner.

I won’t be handling any of the books.  Winners will be posted with the author’s email and they can contact each other direct.  This is another wonderful way to readers and writers to connect.

So, whether you like to read or write books (or both), mark your calendar for September 3rd for your chance to win some terrific books.

Bottom Line:  Who doesn’t love receiving a new book?

RWA: Free Book Signings

Barbara Vey -- August 1st, 2012

One of the most popular events at RWA is hands down the free book signings.  Publishers separately open the doors to readers and offer free books signed by the authors.  The lines are long, but it is so worth it.  You get up close and personal time with your favorite authors and a free book to boot.  Readers come prepared carrying boxes and pulling suitcases to load up with their treasures.  Here’s a few of the many authors who signed at these events.

Karen Rose

Karen Rose


Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson


Lori Handleland

Lori Handleland


Allison Leotta

Allison Leotta


Abigail Sharpe and Kathy Fawcett

Abigail Sharpe and Kathy Fawcett


Anne Elizabeth

Anne Elizabeth


Erin Knightley

Erin Knightley



Hope Ramsey

Hope Ramsey


Jessica Scott

Jessica Scott


Kate Pearce

Kate Pearce


Maggie Mae Gallagher and Angie Fox

Maggie Mae Gallagher and Angie Fox


Mari Mancusi

Mari Mancusi

Mia Marlowe

Mia Marlowe


Shelli Stevens

Shelli Stevens


Theresa Meyers

Theresa Meyers


Tracey Devlyn

Tracey Devlyn

Victoria Alexander

Victoria Alexander


Yasmine Galenorn

Yasmine Galenorn


Bottom Line:  Getting a free book signed by the author is like Christmas morning.

Free Books for Your New eReaders

Barbara Vey -- December 26th, 2011

Christmas is over.  The food is in left over containers in the fridge, only crumbs left on the cookie plates and all that’s left of the presents under the tree are schnibbles of wrapping paper and stray ribbon.  Everyone is busy playing with their new presents and the number one gift I’m hearing about this year is eReaders whether they are stand alones or on tablets.


My 8 year old niece got a tablet and my grandson an iPad.  I’m just thrilled that they both contain eReaders.  Now to fill them.  That’s when the fun really starts.


And to get everyone going, I sent out a message on Twitter and Facebook for authors to send me links to their free books today.  Happy downloading!


True North by Marie Force

Broken Resolutions by Cheryl Shireman

Hand to Hand by Robert W. Walker

Here’s a site that lists over 3,000 free Kindle books including kids books.

A Writer’s Work is offering free books, today only.

A Free Sampler of the Recarnationalist series by M.J. Rose

Justice Incarnate by Regan Black (Amazon) (Barnes and Noble)

Personal Business by Barbara Sheridan

Last Man on Earth by Michelle Pillow

Gypsy Nights by Mandy M. Roth


Well, that’s a start.  Please feel free to add any others to the comment section.

Now tell me, did you receive an e-reader for Christmas?  Did you give one?  Know someone who got one?  What were the reactions? 


Bottom Line:  “Tis the good reader that makes the good book.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

New Nook Free Book Site

Barbara Vey -- December 19th, 2011
Jane Lynch and her Nook

Jane Lynch and her Nook

I don’t own a Nook, but I do have a Kindle and Nook app on my iPad. I have to admit that I mostly use the Kindle because I receive a lot of links to free books from Amazon. I never really thought about what’s available for Nook users. So, I was very interested when I received this email from Stephanie Draven and Eliza Knight.

Have you noticed there are tons of websites for Kindle users, but not so many for Nook users? We wanted break the barrier and bring to light some great deals for readers. Specifically, it all started when Stephanie bought her mother a Nook. When her mother couldn’t find any free or significant deals for books to read on the Nook, Stephanie tried looking herself—and found nothing. We have created this site to offer readers a chance to find the best, most economical reads around—including free—not to mention a suggested splurge item every week.

Nook Lovers isn’t a review site; we’re a website dedicated to readers who own Nooks—not only showcasing great deals on Nook Books but up to date Nook News as well! Apparently, we’re filling a needed niche in the book world because we had more than a thousand hits in less than 24 hours of having the site up.

Nook Lovers features the following:

Weekly Free Reads
Daily Cheap Reads (books under $4.99)
Weekly Splurges (for those times you should treat yourself!)
Nook News (For example the announcement that Nook now allows eGifting of NookBooks!)

I love it when people see a need and fill it.  Just as a side note, the use of Jane Lynch on the Nook commercials makes me sit up and take notice.  It’s gleeful!


So, are you happy with your eReader?  Which do you have?  Which do you want?  Which are you giving?  Does knowing there’s a website like this change your mind about which to buy?


Bottom Line:  More choices make it better for everyone.


Free Giveaways


From Karen Marie Moning:  KMM’s $1,000 of ICE.  As a thank you to the fans, join Karen Marie Moning on her Facebook page for her 5th annual 12 days of Christmas extravaganza!  Each day beginning December 14th a beautiful Swarovski crystal will be given away, and on Christmas Day a spectacular grand prize!


From the Petit Fours and Hot Tamales:  For the next two weeks, The Petit Fours and Hot Tamales will debut their new blog novel, an original cozy mystery called “The Undercover Librarian.” Log on Daily December 19-December 23 and December 26-December 30 for a fun Free Read and a chance to win daily prizes and two Final Prizes.

Daily Prizes $5 Amazon coupon
Final Winner #1 Petit Fours and Hot Tamales cookbook
Final Winner #2 $25 Amazon coupon
We will draw for the Final winners on December 31.
Spend the Holidays with the Petit Fours and Hot Tamales reading our Latest Blog Novel


Reader Loyalty

Barbara Vey -- April 18th, 2011

One of the great things that always comes out of the anniversary bash every year is when I hear from readers after they receive their prizes.  It really doesn’t matter what the gift is as much as winning something and you could almost hear the squeals of delight coming through the computer as the winners posted on Twitter and Facebook.  I also got several emails.

One reader received the Kindle with the donating author’s book downloaded.  She said it was the kind of book she’d never read before and would never pick up in a bookstore.  She doesn’t “like” that genre.  But once she started the book, she “couldn’t put it down” and went on to order the author’s backlist.

Another Kindle winner quickly downloaded several free books and when her husband took an interest in the eReader, she put a book on for him.  He has already read 4 books (first time he’s read a book in years) while she’s contemplating buying another device for herself.

But eReaders weren’t the only things given away, some readers were surprised by the authors who went just a little further and sent t-shirts, chocolates and other items along with their books.  One reader told me that upon receiving a book with a custom bookmark, she immediately put down the one she was reading to dive into the prize.  She was shocked to find out that she loved paranormals (which she refused to even look at before).  Next shopping trip found her coming home with 2 more books from the author.

One reader received several books from an author and took them to her book club to share with her friends.  Now there are 5 readers enjoying an author for the first time and they’ll get together to talk about the books, swap them and have already decided that they will use the next book that comes out by that author as their book club selection.

There’s something to be said for free samples.  It’s like when you get that free pizza sample at the supermarket and then buy the product because it tastes so good.  Give a reader a free book and most times you’ll end up with a loyal fan who touts your virtues to others.

I’ve already received 5 emails from readers asking for the date for next year’s anniversary bash (it will be March 5-10 so save the date) because they plan on taking vacation that week so they can “party on the blog.”  Several readers even got together this year and formed the group Friends from “Beyond her Book” Party on Facebook and quite a few authors have joined them.  They are avid readers always on the lookout for new books and authors to read so feel free to come over and mix with them.

Today I see that they posted a list of the authors who participated in the anniversary bash this year.  It just goes to show how giving away just one book goes a long way to building reader loyalty.

Bottom Line: Today is National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day…I celebrate that almost everyday around here.