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Author Creates Charity of Bookgiving

Barbara Vey -- December 11th, 2013


It always warms my heart to hear of authors taking up charitable causes.  Recently I heard of Anna DeStanfano’s Hearts for Hearts program and I talked with her about it.

BV:  What is Hearts for Hearts?

AD:  Hearts for Hearts is the realization of a dream of mine—to inspire myself and others to reach out into our communities and make a difference in our own back yards. I’m a writer. I spend a lot of time working alone and talking online with other writers and readers. But I love and write about community and what it really means to me: loving your friends and neighbors, sharing their ups and downs, and being part of their lives, especially when the road gets rocky. Being there, showing up in a crisis or when there’s a need, that’s everything.

In short, Hearts for Hearts challenges participants to give books they already own to assistance groups and others in their communities—recipients who can’t afford to purchase books of their own. Even if you have very little time and money—even if you have only a few books to give—you can participate in this exciting program.

BV:  Why did you start this particular program?

Authors Sandra Elzie and Debbie Kaufman unload books and homemade cookies to Georgia based mobile home park

Authors Sandra Elzie and Debbie Kaufman unload books and homemade cookies to Georgia based mobile home park

AD:  I was talking with Nancy Berland, my publicist, about my past and what inspires me to write the emotional things I do and how I’m hoping to see readers encouraged by my characters’ challenging journeys and happily-ever-after endings, to pay the experience forward to people in their families and community. That’s when Nancy said, “I had a thought last night. Have you ever considered …”

Fast forward a few months, and Hearts for Hearts has become this amazing way for
people to reach out and brighten the lives of others—building community, one story at a

BV:  How are groups chosen?

Local hair salon offers free haircuts for the needy at the same event

Local hair salon offers free haircuts for the needy at the same event

AD:  We’re asking readers to choose who to donate to. What’s important to your community— that’s where you can make the most difference. There’s a list of helpful tips on the Hearts for Hearts program page on my website. Some examples of donations already made and ideas for you include:

• Participating in a holiday party thrown by a local business in my area (my hair salon donated cuts to the residents of a mobile home park near us, and I brought along home-baked cookies and books donated be me and author friends).

• Donating books to a community center for foster kids (several YA author friends are helping me do that this holiday!).

• Taking books to facilities for the homeless, sober living, seniors, veterans, battered women, etc.

• Contacting your YMCA for ideas, which I’ve done, and my family and friends and I will now be helping seed senior and children’s libraries there for members, many of whom live on fixed incomes.

BV:  Who can get involved and how?

AD:  That’s the beauty of this! Anyone who loves to read and has books to share can make a difference. All the info you’ll need can be found here. And we’d LOVE to hear about your ideas and donations (and share your pictures!) through my Anna DeStefano Author Facebook page.

BV:  What are your goals for the Hearts for Hearts program?

AD:  The sky’s the limit for how far we can take the program. It’s really up to readers and fans, how long we keep this going. But to start, we’re challenging ourselves to have 1,000 books donated by Christmas, and we’re already well on our way. Wouldn’t it be great if by the end of the year we achieved a Hearts for Hearts book donation project in all fifty states?

I know many other authors do a lot of charitable things.  Please feel free to list your charity in the comments.  I encourage everyone to find something they believe in that can help others and support it. 

Bottom Line:  Giving back is something we should all think about throughout the year and not only in the holiday season.

Social Media for Social Good: Romance Charity

Barbara Vey -- November 12th, 2012

In the world of romance (as well as other genres), there’s always a good cause to get behind.  Over the years I’ve posted about charities for the military, literacy, animal rescue and too many natural disasters to count.

Limecello (yes, that’s the name she goes by online and people even call her that in person) has been a blogger and reviewer since 2002.  She’s also a lawyer.  Every year she researches charities that will help the international community.  This year she has chosen Charity:Water.

Social Media for Social Good is  what she calls her annual event.  Limecello says, “This is actually my third year, and it’s the same as before. A fundraiser for charity where I ask the romance community to step in, and step up. To give what they can, and if not, leave a comment to contribute. To make a difference, and in our small way, make the world a better place. In fact, that’s why I made it a comment drive – so people who can’t afford to donate can still feel a part of it, and know that they were integral to the cause, as there are people donating based on the number of comments the blog post has – either a set mark, or a “quota.” E.g. $10 for ever 100 comments. ”

Of her challenges, Limecello offers, “There are people pledging once we hit 350 comments, 500, and (for example) The Romance Man and I are both in for $300 each if we get 1,000 comments. (I’m in regardless, but 1,000 comments is my goal.)  I’m also doing a reader/blogger challenge, where if 50 readers or bloggers donate – even $1, I’ll increase my donation by $25.”

The website also offers giveaways for commenters.  This one is kind of a no brainer folks.  You can pledge as little as $1 or you can just leave a comment.  This is the one instance where your comment can be worth money that goes for a good cause.  And you have a chance to win something.  Really, how long can it take out of your “busy” day to comment, “Good luck with your charity.”  It doesn’t cost you anything.  But, if you do want to donate, that’s ok too. You can comment on the post Water Changes Everything.

My hat is off to Limecello and others who make it their mission to help others.

As always, I encourage you to post info in the comments section on your favorite charity that others may find out about them.

Bottom Line:  “If you haven’t got any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.” ~ Bob Hope

Authors and Charities

Barbara Vey -- September 20th, 2010

Charities and authors many times go together like Brenda Novak’s Diabetes Auction, Debbie Macomber’s Warm America, David Baldacci’s Feeding Body and Mind, Romance Writers of America’s ProLiteracy Worldwide and Romantic Times Book Review’s SOS America, Inc.



Some of my family at the PKD walk

Some of my family at the PKD walk

Yesterday I participated in the local PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) Walk. It was only two miles, but it was really a show of solidarity against a disease that strikes millions.  I was walking for my brother-in-law and my nephew, who both have PKD.  PKD is a hereditary disease that causes cysts to form in the kidneys making a kidney transplant eventually necessary.


While I did the Cancer Relay for Life this summer (my mom died of lung cancer in March), I was also thinking about the many author charities that I don’t know about even though I read about some on Twitter and Facebook.

So, here’s your chance.  Please post the charity you support and add a link to it.  Let other’s know what’s dear to your heart.

And just for naming a charity, I’ll pick a winner to receive a set of five new books that I have received (all different genres).

Bottom Line: “If you have much, give of your wealth; If you have little, give of your heart.” ~ Arab Proverb

Monday Giveaways

From Tracey Devlyn of Romance University: Freelance Assistant Kim Castillo of an Author’s Best Friend joins us to discuss the benefits of having a personal assistant. Don’t miss this informative post and a chance to win an autographed book from Eloisa James (DESPERATE DUCHESSES), Courtney Milan (PROOF BY SEDUCTION), Vanessa Kelly (SEX AND THE SINGLE EARL), or Anna Campbell (MY RECKLESS SURRENDER).

From Liz Kreger of Magical Musings: We here at MagicalMusings are thrilled to welcome five new bloggers joining our ranks.  We have Karin Tabke (a/k/a Karin Harlow), Cynthia Eden, Amy Atwell, Marilyn Brandt and Carrie Lofty.  You’ll also notice a change in our appearance and our format.  Since all bloggers are published authors, we plan on gearing our group blog to appeal to both readers and writers.  And as a special thank you, well be drawing three names as winners of books just for posting at our blog.

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